Despite stress, try to stay organized after a car accident. Read this guide to learn more

Has you or a loved one been injured in a car accident? Continue reading this blog for an essential list of do’s and don’ts to follow. It is important that you or your loved one is protected and receives compensation for the injuries suffered. Feel free to print out this list and keep it in your glove compartment for accessibility in the event of a car accident.

What To DO

  • Immediately after an accident, you must seek medical attention.
  • Contact the police. Depending on the circumstances, they may head to the scene of the accident.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions given by law enforcement and medical personnel and cooperate fully.
  • Write down the license plate number of the other vehicle as well as the names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance information of the the other party.
  • If you are injured or attacked by an animal during the course of the accident or other time, be sure to obtain the name and address of the owner as well as any applicable license information.
  • Find any potential witnesses before leaving the scene and get their names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Notify your car, health, homeowner’s / renter’s and/ or short-term disability insurance companies of the accident (when applicable).
  • Take photographs and video of all of the following (if applicable) as soon as possible after the accident:
    • The entire scene of the accident, from various angles.
    • The surrounding area of the accident.
    • The product or animal that caused your injuries.
    • Your injuries. Also take pictures over time showing the time it takes for your injuries to heal.
    • Any property damage.
  • Keep record of all the work you missed because of the accident. Include follow-up medical appointments and all medical treatment received as well as personal documentation on your physical and emotional health because of the injuries.
  • Find a reputable attorney in your area who is experienced with car accident cases.

What To NOT Do

  • Do not move your vehicle from the accident scene (unless necessary for safety, or required by law).
  • Be aware of your surroundings and do not stand or wait in an area with various safety hazards (such as traffic).
  • Do not leave the scene of an accident. Wait until the police tell you it’s okay to leave.
  • Avoid throwing away any potential evidence in the case. This includes any defective products, torn/ bloodstained clothing and car parts that came off the car during the accident.
  • Do not remain in a place of danger while seeking help (such as a burning car or building). Be sure to leave the hazardous area and then call 911.
  • Avoid conversations with others at the scene about who was at fault. Also, do not apologize!
  • Do not simply agree to a settlement amount until you discuss it with your attorney and have him or her look over the settlement offer.

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