Uplift's tips for drivers on how to avoid accidents.

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Here’s a few helpful tips to avoid auto accidents in the future.

    1. Safety first. Always. Slow down in uncertain or challenging conditions.
    2. Following distance is one of the simplest ways to avoid rear-end collisions – both the car in front of you and the car behind you will thank you
    3. Driving requires your full attention – don’t text, eat, apply make-up, etc when driving.
    4. Always keep a flashlight and basic tool kit in your car. An old cell phone is good too… even if they no longer have a contract, they can still be used to dial 911 anywhere they get signal.
    5. Don’t forget to use your turn signal, even if it looks like no one else is on the road. If you’re coming to a turn at which you need to slow, always signal before braking.
    6. In medium to heavy traffic, constantly changing lanes to get ahead is a good way to get in an accident. Most of the time, it doesn’t help you get there faster either.
    7. Keep your headlights on at all times when driving; bulbs are inexpensive, and the lights help other drivers spot your car.
    8. Learn to properly adjust your mirrors. AAA says to lean towards your driver’s side window and adjust that mirror so that you can just barely see the car door. Do the same for your passenger side. With properly adjusted mirrors, you should be unable to see your vehicle when upright and looking straight ahead.
    9. Keep an eye your oil, tire pressure, brake wear, etc. They can all create safety issues.
    10. Keep your windshield wipers in good working-order. Make sure you have window washing fluid to help clear anything that might block your view.
    11. Shadows under or around the car in front of you can tell you about traffic you can’t yet see.
    12. At night, look out for lights from oncoming vehicles on the surrounding trees/poles/buildings/etc when approaching a hill or curve.
    13. If headlights ahead are too bright, focus on the white line on your side of the road as a guide.
    14. Pay attention to your car, the noises it makes, and the way it drives. Any changes might be due to a mechanical problem.
    15. If you’re speeding and notice a police car, don’t hit the brakes. Instead, let your foot of the gas and shift down a gear if possible.

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