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After you have reached the end of the lawsuit, you may think that all of the waiting is over. However, you may find out that you still have a fair bit of waiting to do before you receive your hard-earned money.  Uplift will grant you a non-recourse cash advance. Non-recourse means that if you do not win your case, you get to keep the cash advance on us. Here at Uplift, the goal of our pre-settlement loans is to help you through a difficult situation, not make it more taxing.

Sometimes it can take weeks or even months before you receive your settlement. This is where a cash advance from Uplift Legal Funding can help. We offer settlement loans the next day after approval. Often, after having waited months or years for a settlement, you have lots of expenses you need to be paid now.

The same is especially true for pre-settlement loans. This is because you know when a case will settle. Living expenses are bound to keep adding up. With a lawsuit loan, you will be able to pay for those living expenses while you fight for fair compensation on your case.

With a settlement loan from Uplift Legal Funding, you will be able to make those payments while still waiting for that settlement check to come in the mail. Get started today by contacting one of our personal injury case managers, If you need the money and want to get cash now, call us today. We can get you a lawsuit loan within 24 hours of attorney approval.

What’s the difference between pre-settlement loans and settlement loans?

With pre-settlement loans, legal funding companies like Uplift have to review the entirety of your case. Because there is less certainty about the amount you will receive from your lawsuit if and when it does settle, we can only advance 10-15% of the expected gross settlement value or about 25% of the expected net settlement value.

Once your case has actually settled, the process is much easier. We just need to know a small amount of information from your law office to get you approved. The review process can take as little as a few minutes and we can provide funding up to 50% of the net amount you are expected to get from your lawsuit.

How much can I qualify for?

If your lawsuit has settled in your favor, Uplift can typically approve for 50% of the net amount you will receive from your settlement.

A net settlement is basically the total settlement amount less all deductible expenses. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Litigation expenses
  • Attorney’s contingency fees
  • Medical bills
  • Statutory liens
  • Any existing pre-settlement funding liens

Before the attorney can send you your portion, all of the above portions have to be paid off. The largest part of your settlement will most likely go to your attorney, as a part of the contingency fee most personal injury attorneys are paid with.

Here’s an example: Say you win a personal injury settlement of $75,000, Your attorney’s fee is a typical 33% (taken after court expenses), your medical expenses might be $20,000 and other expenses might be around $1,000. In that example, your net settlement would be $29,000.

Here at Uplift Legal Funding, we would be able to advance you 50% of your net settlement. So in this case you would qualify for about $14,500 of pre-settlement funding.

Lawsuit loans, while extremely helpful, are expensive! Even with the low rates offered by Uplift legal funding, lawsuit loans still take out a portion of your settlement. At Uplift, we always advise that you take only what you absolutely need to scrape-by. We want you to keep as much of your settlement in your own pocket as possible.

How a post-settlement loan can help you

Lawsuit loans can help you by tying you over until you reach your settlement. Sometimes there are unexpected delays, and it can take several months for your net settlement. When these delays happen you will want a post-settlement loan from Uplift Legal Funding.

You can use the settlement loan for whatever you want. Typically people use lawsuit loans to cover living expenses. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Bills
  • Medical bills
  • Child support
  • College tuition
  • Car payment

Uplift does not have any limitation on what you have to use the pre-settlement or post-settlement funding for. You do not even have to spend it, you can keep it in your bank account if it gives you peace of mind.

How quickly can you get a post-settlement loan?

We can get you your settlement loan within 24 hours of applying. It all depends on how quickly your attorney supplies us with the documentation that we request. But generally, it takes between 24 and 48 hours for us to get you your settlement loan.

We understand that this lawsuit was probably emotionally and mentally draining. The added stress of not being able to have your settlement can be unbearable. This is why we offer such a quick turnaround for our settlement loans.

What kinds of cases does Uplift grant settlement cash advances on

Uplift Legal Funding grants pre-settlement loans on most personal injury cases; from medical malpractice to accidents due to road construction. Below we have listed just a few of the cases we provide funding on.

In certain cases, lawsuit loans can not only provide peace-of-mind but actually enable you and your attorney to seek a higher settlement. This is because you will not have to accept any lowball offers made initially by the insurance company. You will increase the value of your case by getting maximum medical treatment. The increase in the value of your case means there’s an increase in how much you will get in your pocket from the lawsuit.

What rates does Uplift Legal Funding charge on a post-settlement cash advance?

Uplift offers some of the lowest rates for settlement loans in the industry. Our rates are between 17.5 and 22.5% in non-compounding fees. Non-compounding means that you only get charged interest on the principal value of your advance.

We charge some of the lowest rates in the legal funding industry. We are so confident that our rates are the best, we guarantee we can beat any pre-settlement funding contract that you send us.

Settlement funding with Uplift Legal Funding

When you get a settlement loan from Uplift we can guarantee that you are getting the best possible deal. We offer post-settlement loans for most personal injury cases. This is equally true with pre-settlement loans.

Get started now and call one of our personal injury managers. If you need money now and want to get cash, apply now. We can get you funding within 24 hours of attorney approval.

Managing Member at Uplift Legal Funding
Jared Stern is an experienced financial professional with six years of experience in the pre-settlement funding industry. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in economics in 2014, Jared began his career in Morgan Stanley's mergers and acquisitions investment banking division. After working with another pre-settlement funding company for two years, Jared founded Uplift Legal Funding in 2017 to give injured plaintiffs a better choice in lawsuit loans. Check Jared out on: LinkedIn | Legal Reader | Attorney At Law Magazine
Jared Stern
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