Legal Funding Guide

Uplift's 4 Step Legal Funding Process

Legal funding may seem complicated – this guide should remove some of the mystery. If you have any questions, please give Uplift a call at (800) 385-3660.

Lawsuits can take a long time before they settle, no matter how clear the negligence or big the damages.

Obtaining legal funding can help you bridge the financial gap between now and until your case is settled or won in court.

Our service is meant to help you regain financial control while you wait for your personal injury case to settle.

The funding is not a loan, because you only repay if you win the case. We get paid the same way your attorney does: only if your case is won.

If for any reason your case falls through, you keep the money we advanced you for free.

If you’re new to legal funding, here are some common questions this guide will have the answers to:

  • “Does my case qualify for legal funding?”
  • “Do I need to repay the advance if I lose my case?” (hint: you don’t!)
  • “How does the application process work, and how fast it?”
  • “How much cash can I get against my pending settlement?”
  • And more…