Your Law Firm and Legal Funding

While attorneys and legal funding companies both provide the plaintiff with different services, they rely on each other to ensure a stronger case and ultimately a higher settlement. If you are the plaintiff in an upcoming personal injury case, continue reading this article to learn more about how and why these two sides work in tandem.

In previous legal funding guide articles, we discussed some essential information and evidence that are necessary for a strong case. This information helps qualify you for legal funding with Uplift.

Just as a refresher, here are some examples of information legal funding companies request from your law firm:

  • Police reports – often needed for car accident cases. They help prove defendant liability.
  • Insurance coverage – funders need to know the defendant’s policy limits. It also is beneficial for the funder to know if you have UIM (Underinsured Motorist Coverage). These factors influence your case value.
  • Medical records – legal funding companies need these to prove that you suffered some sort of injury as a result of the accident. It also shows funders how much your medical treatment costed, which impacts the amount of legal funding provided.
  • Medical liens – like medical reports, liens have an effect on the dollar amount you can qualify for.

In addition to the above information and reports, funders rely on the legal team to review your funding contract and disburse payment to them when the case is won.

A good attorney offers many benefits; such as speeding up the legal funding process and getting you your advance faster, easing your stress and increasing your case value.

Uplift Legal Funding

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