Personal Injury Loans

Personal injury loans help you regain financial control while waiting for a settlement or award from your personal injury claim.

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Plaintiffs choose Uplift for pre-settlement funding for lightning fast funding with low rates. From car accidents to medical malpractice – we handle it all.

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Uplift Legal Funding - 5 Star Customer Reviews
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Only pay at settlement – if you lose your case, you pay back nothing

Do you need to borrow money on the strength of an anticipated personal injury lawsuit or settlement? If your accident has triggered financial stressors, pre-settlement funding can provide you with the cash you need now for any purpose. Apply for a personal injury loan at any stage of litigation. Qualify for low rates and get cash in as little as 24 hours. Don’t compromise on your medical care and immediate needs when you can obtain risk-free funding in exchange for a portion of your expected settlement.

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Personal Injury Loans 101

Personal injury loans are not loans at all. Also known as pre-settlement funding and lawsuit loans, personal injury loans take the form of non-recourse cash advances. With no credit checks and no employment checks either, the severity of your injuries and the strength of your case are the qualifying factors for personal injury loans. If you win your case, you repay the amount you borrowed plus interest and a funding fee. If you lose your case, you repay nothing. You are free to use the funds for any purpose.

How Personal Injury Loans Work

Personal injury loans can be beneficial for the victims of car accident injuries, medical malpractice, product liability claims, and wrongful death claims.

To qualify for a personal injury loan, you need an attorney representing you. You also need a strong claim with the likelihood of a settlement or award.

  • Apply for a personal injury loan online or over the phone in minutes.
  • We review your case documents.
  • Our underwriting department contacts your attorney, reviewing your case within 24 hours – we appreciate you need cash as quickly as possible.
  • If you meet the above criteria, we send a funding contract to your attorney.
  • You receive the funds in less than 24 hours, streamlining all aspects of the personal injury loans process for you.

Key Benefits of Personal Injury Loans

Personal injury loans are 100% risk-free

All our personal injury loans are non-recourse cash advances. This means we shoulder the risk of the advance. You repay nothing unless your case successfully resolves.

Employment status and income are not relevant factors in the application process

If you are unable to obtain financing by way of a traditional loan, you won’t need to prove either income or employment status when applying for a personal injury loan.

No credit check is required for personal injury loans

For those with weak credit scores, personal injury loans offer a workaround. Creditworthiness is not relevant when applying for a lawsuit loan.

Choose a More Affordable Personal Injury Loan at Uplift Legal Funding

The personal injury loans application process at Uplift Legal Funding is designed to be as seamless as possible. We understand that you don’t need financial stress when recovering from accident injuries, and you don’t need complications with funding either. Get the cash you need for any purpose in as little as 24 hours with no risk.

How Much Do Personal Injury Loans Cost?

Uplift offers a rate-match guarantee, as long as you supply the competing contract.

Beyond this, our legal funding involves simple and non-compounding interest. Many legal funding companies compound interest monthly at a much higher cost to you, the consumer.


1) Will I qualify for a personal injury loan?

If you have a strong case for a personal injury claim, especially if you have severe physical injuries directly caused by the accident, you should be accepted for a personal injury loan. The proviso is that your case must be represented by an attorney.

2) How long does it take to get a personal injury loan?

Many funding companies take days to review your case. With Uplift, we can get you funds as soon as the same day you apply.

3) Is the repayment process for personal injury loans complicated?

No. Unlike traditional loans, there is no monthly payment schedule. Instead, your attorney will repay the personal injury loan and all associated costs directly from your settlement.

4) Are personal injury loans always the best solution?

A personal injury loan can be a risk-free method of leveraging a personal injury settlement, but they are not always the best solution for all plaintiffs. Consult your attorney to discuss the merits of personal injury loans with regard to your case. Given the lengthy timeframe involved with many personal injury claims, settlement funding can sometimes be an effective alternative to a bank loan.

5) What risks are involved with personal injury loans?

There are no risks. As a non-recourse financial product, the lender bears the risk. You repay nothing unless you win your case.

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