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    Assault Injuries and Legal Claims

    In a perfect world, everyone would just get along. It’s a great thought and one many people are actively working to achieve. There are many obstacles, though, in the form of addiction, personality disorders, and unhealthy situations. What’s more, human beings, in general, are a confrontational group. If you’re pursuing an assault and battery lawsuit, Uplift is a lawsuit funding company that can help provide assault and battery lawsuit loans to ease your financial stress.

    The end result could be an assault. Assaults can come in many forms. An argument between partners can take a violent turn. Someone who is drunk or on drugs might be beyond help and lashes out at either a friend or even a stranger. A neighbor who is having a terrible day could make a bad decision in trying to resolve a disagreement. Or sometimes it can be a stranger with a mental illness making it his crusade to hurt innocent people.

    It’s a tragic situation all around, but especially so for the victim. In a best-case scenario, they could wind up with only post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If things get very bad, they could be injured on the top of the emotional scarring, or even killed.

    The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that in the US in 2015, nearly 1% of the adult population was a victim of at least one violent victimization resulting in a personal injury of some kind.

    The lawsuits that result from these assaults can take a long time and plaintiffs are often at a loss as to how to get by without a lawsuit legal funding company to help them. That’s where an assault and battery lawsuit loan from Uplift Legal Funding can help you. We can provide pre-settlement funding to ease the pressure until your case settles.

    We can pre-approve most pre-settlement funding requests in a few moments. You can apply online for a cash advance or give us a call at (800) 385-3660.

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    National statistics

    There were a total of 711,695 assaults and battery with a weapon in 2018. In 2015 an average of 3 in every 1,000 people were victims of aggravated assault.

    56% of women who are assaulted report being close to their homes. This is opposed to men, where 43% of them report being in a public space or parking lot.

    However, an assault occurs at a rate of 70% lower now than it did in 1995. An estimated 61.9% of all aggravated assaults are reported. This contrasts with an average of 41.7% of aggravated assaults that are reported.

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    Differences between assault and battery

    Assault and battery are typically two categories that go hand in hand. However, they have two different definitions by the court of law. It is important to note that in most states, no physical injury is required for an assault and battery personal injury claim. The main burden of proof for these cases is the intent of the offender, which we will discuss more later in paragraphs.

    • Assault – any action that is meant to make the victim feel as though they are going to be harmed
    • Battery – the act of intentionally harming someone either directly or indirectly

    These two definitions are very similar however there is a key difference of whether or not the victim was hurt, or merely felt like they were going to be hurt.


    Below we have listed some examples of assault and battery to better distinguish the difference.

    Example of assault:

    • The offender grabs a knife and shakes it at the victim while insinuating that the victim will be cut at some point.
    • Perpetrator points a fake gun at the victim. The fake gun looks real and the victim believes they are going to be shot
    • Someone is driving a car while the victim is crossing the street. They speed up so that the victim thinks they will be hit. The offender breaks and manages to stop a few feet from the victim.

    In each of the scenarios above the victim believed that they were going to be harmed however they were not.

    Examples of battery:

    Battery can occur directly, indirectly, and remotely.

    • Remote and indirect – the offender sets a trap and several days later the victim falls for it
    • Indirect and immediate – the offender throws a dart and it harms the victim
    • Direct and immediate – the offender dropkicks the victim

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    What are the different kinds of assault?

    Assault is a broad categorization for multiple offenses. The kind of assault that a person commits affects the type of punishment they will receive. We have listed different types of assault.

    Here are different forms of assault:

    • Felonious assault – the use of weapons or intent to cause egregious harm, such as rape
    • Simple assault – a misdemeanor in most states, no serious injuries
    • Physical assault – the act of physically injuring or handling an individual, sometimes called battery
    • Aggravated assault – harming someone with the intent of causing more serious harm
    • Sexual assault – sexually touching someone in a way that is unwanted
    • Verbal assault – emotionally, and mentally taunting someone
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    Importance of intent

    In order to prove an assault, the assailant has to have intent. Here, ‘intent’ is defined as wanting and intending to cause harm to another person.

    For example, if an individual is walking past someone and irrationally believes that they are going to be harmed, they do not have a case. This is because if someone feels as if they are going to be hurt, but there is no action on the part of the other party, then there is no intent.

    Say someone named Mike is walking home from the grocery store. He is a tall dark-skinned man, and he lives in an affluent neighborhood. If a woman, Jenny were to walk by him and feel unsafe, she would not have an assault case. Even though she felt her safety was at risk, Mike did not do anything to prove he intended to hurt her.

    In order to have an assault case, the defendant has to be able to prove that the offender wanted to harm them.

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    These testimonials are from real, satisfied customers that we reached out to after they left positive reviews of Uplift Legal Funding online. They were compensated for the use of their name, likeness, and the honest reviews of our services that you see above.

    How much is my assault and battery case worth?

    While injuries play a big role in determining how much your case could settle for, it’s usually the liability that plays the biggest role. Who was at fault? Was it some random person causing havoc and the building you were in provided no security? Was the incident at a bar where everyone involved had had a couple of drinks? Did the plaintiff cooperate with the police investigation? Were there witnesses?

    Proving that you were innocent is extremely important. The defendant will have hired an attorney whose whole job it is to make it seem like you were also responsible for your injuries. You can help yourself by trying to get witnesses to stay around for the police to tell them what they saw.

    Cases with proven liability and good damages can settle for anywhere from $10,000 up to six-figure amounts. The last piece would be the insurance – the defendant must be able to pay for the case. (This can be from their homeowner’s insurance if it happened in a house, or from a company policy if the assault happened at a business.)

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    How long will my assault and battery case take?

    It’s possible to get by with just your own savings, but it can be tough. Assault and battery cases can take a long time to prove who was at fault.

    Even if there were many witnesses to testify that you were wronged, it could take months to line them all up to appear in court. Attorneys try to delay lawsuits by canceling and rescheduling hearings.

    This is harder for the plaintiff to outlast the insurance company and accept an unfair offer. That’s why it might make sense to get assault and battery lawsuit loans, we can provide pre-settlement funding to enable you to settle on your terms.

    If you’re in need of legal lawsuit funding, you can apply online to receive a cash advance or give us a call at (800) 385-3660. Our customer service team is here to help!

    How long does it take to get an assault and battery lawsuit loan?

    We know that after such a traumatic experience you’ll want as much reassurance as possible. This is why at Uplift we guarantee you will get your lawsuit funding within 24 hours of approval! We work hand in hand with your lawyer to make sure you get the funding you need as soon as possible.

    We offer four methods of funding transfer:

    • Direct wire
    • Western Union
    • MoneyGram
    • Overnight check

    Legal funding for your assault and battery lawsuit

    We only need basic information about your case to approve you for assault and battery lawsuit legal funding.

    After we get an application, we’ll get information from your attorney, such as liability proving your innocence, medical documents, insurance information, personal injury, and court documents if your case is far enough along.

    Our underwriters are very knowledgeable about assault and battery cases and can get you an answer on your lawsuit funding within only a few days, sometimes you can receive your cash advance in as little as 24 hours.

    What’s more, we don’t just see you as a business deal or a number. We understand the trauma you’ve gone through and will do everything we can to help you out while your lawsuit continues. Our rates are among the lowest in the lawsuit funding industry and our turnaround times for pre-settlement funding are extremely quick.

    If you aren’t sure if your case qualifies, call us today to find out. To learn more about Uplift’s legal funding process, see our how legal funding works page.

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      Assault & Battery Claim Funding Examples

      Florida Assault & Battery Claim


      Funded in 2018

      The plaintiff was outside of a bar in a shopping center when he was assaulted and hit over the head with a baseball bat. The plaintiff brought negligent security claims against the bar and the shopping center.

      Michigan Assault & Battery Claim


      Funded in 2022

      While imprisoned, correction officers attacked the plaintiff, fractured his shoulder and threatened him. The plaintiff had to undergo clavicle surgery with instrumentation and has PTSD as a result of the incident.

      Ohio Assault & Battery Claim


      Funded in 2022

      This is an assault case where the plaintiff was assaulted by a security guard and sustained soft tissue injuries. The security guard was also criminally charged.

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