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    California Lawsuit Loans

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    California Lawsuit Loans Overview

    Uplift Legal Funding is a leading provider of California lawsuit funding.

    Our quick and easy lawsuit loan process gives you access to pre-settlement funding.

    We can provide lawsuit funding for a wide range of personal injury claims.

    Avg. CA Funding $12,609 per claim
    CA Funding Range $500 – $1,000,000+ per claim
    CA Fault Laws Pure comparative fault. Plaintiff negligence will offset the defendant’s liability.
    Statute of Limitations 2 years for injuries, 3 years for property damages, 4 years for a written contract, and 2 years for an oral contract.
    Min. Policy Limits $15,000 bodily injury liability per person
    $30,000 bodily injury liability per accident
    $5,000 property damage liability per accident

    100+ 5 Star Gold star Reviews

    4.9 / 5.0

    BBB A+

    5.0 / 5.0

    How Much Does a California Lawsuit Loan Cost?

    Each pre-settlement lending company is different, and many have vastly different rates and terms for lawsuit loans. It’s important to do your research, especially when it comes to interest rates and fees. Some companies charge compounding interest, meaning that the amount of your loan significantly increases over time. The interest rates are based on the total amount and added to your repayment obligation. As the interest increases, so do your monthly interest payments.

    However, at Uplift Legal Funding, we offer simple interest rates, meaning that we only charge interest on the principle pre-settlement amount. While the interest is still added to the repayment amount, it’s at a steady, predictable rate.

    Settlement loans are largely unregulated in California, so finding a reputable, ethical, legal lending agency is essential. At Uplift Legal Funding, we can offer up to $250,000 in pre-settlement funding, depending on the strength of your case.

    We also have a Lawsuit Loan Calculator, which allows you to estimate the amount you’ll have to repay, including interest. This tool can help you and your lawyer determine how much pre-settlement funding you should apply for. Click below to get an idea of what you would pay back on your legal advance.

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    Benefits of Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans in the State of California

    If you’ve been hurt in an accident, whether you were driving in your car, at work, in a store, or even bitten by a neighbor’s dog, then the injuries likely made you miss work. Losing even a week of wages can significantly impact many families. If your injuries are even more severe and you need ongoing medical treatment or a lengthy healing time before you can get back to work, then the financial burden increases.

    Lawsuit loans can help you pay your bills, keeping you from getting behind financially. You can also use the money to pay for medical care, including ongoing care after the accident, such as physical or occupational therapies or chiropractors appointments. The better care you receive after the injury, the better your outcome of healing will be. Since your medical expenses are often included in the settlement total, you’ll end up getting that money repaid to you after the case is closed.

    Uplift Legal Funding charges much less than our competitors for California settlement loans, and we don’t compound interest. Plus, your loan is repaid out of your settlement monies, so you don’t have to worry about making payments until after the case settles. Finally, our loans are contingent on the outcome of your case. If you lose, you don’t have to pay the pre-settlement loan back.

    Why Choose Uplift

    Clients love our low rates, fast funding, and attentive service.

    24 Hour Funding

    24 Hour Funding

    Get $500 to $250,000+ as soon as today

    Low Rates

    Low, Simple Rates

    Simple, non-compounding rates that save you money on legal funding

    No Monthly Payments

    No Monthly Payments

    Only pay at settlement – if you lose your case, you pay back nothing



    Get the legal funding you need with the service and transparency you deserve

    How Does Lawsuit Funding Work?

    Do you think a lawsuit loan is right for your needs, and you’re curious how it works?

    The Process Of Using Uplift Legal Funding To Fund Lawsuit Loans Is Simple:

    • Apply online using our easy form, or call one of our friendly client care specialists at (800) 385-3660. We’ll ask you a few quick questions about your case, including the contact information of your personal injury lawyer

    • We review the facts of your case with your lawyer and determine the strength of your claim

    • If you’re approved, we will send over an agreement letter to your lawyer. The two of you will review it together and then simply sign the form. We can often get the cash to you within 24 hours!

    Is a Lawsuit Cash Advance a Loan?

    Unlike a loan which must be repaid no matter what happens, a legal advance is only repaid if your case is successful. Pre-settlement advances help plaintiffs who are unemployed or on light duty get the funds they need to survive their lawsuit. Unlike lenders, legal funding companies do not require credit checks.

    Lawsuit cash advances can be confusing and overwhelming. We want to help make it as easy as possible. You can always contact us if you have more questions.

    What type of California Personal Injury Claims Does Uplift Fund?

    Uplift Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding on most California personal injury cases. A few examples include:

    Does a Lawsuit Loan Affect My Legal Case?

    This is a tricky question. Taking out a lawsuit loan in and of itself doesn’t have any impact on the facts or value of your case. It’s unlikely that the judge, jury, or even the other party will know that you’ve received pre-settlement funding.

    However, personal injury cases can take time to build. Often, your law firm will not even send a demand letter until you finish treatment for your injuries. They will need to gather facts from witnesses, the police, you, and any third parties. The other party’s insurance company will wish to settle the case as fast as possible, for as little money as possible. If that doesn’t work, they will likely wait until your law firm files suit before offering any serious amount of compensation.

    Once your medical treatment is completed and your lawyer has an estimate of the damages you’re entitled to, they’ll send a demand to the other party’s insurance company. Then, the company and their attorneys review it and will either accept it or counter the offer. All the while, you’re likely out of work or have reduced hours due to your injuries. For many people, losing hours at work means a smaller paycheck, too.

    Accident victims who find themselves in a tough financial situation frequently settle their pending lawsuit for less than its full value.

    How a Cash Advance for Your Lawsuit can Help

    That’s where a settlement cash advance can help. Lawsuit settlement loans help plaintiffs by giving them time to seek a fair result on their pending settlement. Lawsuit loan companies provide the cash you need to pay for living expenses while waiting for your fair settlement.

    So while taking out a lawsuit loan won’t change the facts of your case, having the security of pre-settlement funding allows you to pursue the case to a more just and equitable conclusion.

    What Can I Use My Pre-Settlement Funding For, Anyway?

    Settlement loans may be used for just about anything: living expenses, rent, groceries, car payments, and utility bills. You can also use the money to repair or replace your vehicle if it was damaged in an accident, so you can get to work. Or, you may choose to pay your medical bills and co-pays or co-insurance for your ongoing medical treatment.

    The only thing that a lawsuit cash advance usually can’t be used for is to pay legal fees or attorney bills. However, most personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency basis – they only get paid if they win your case – and take a percentage of the award as their fees. If you are seeking funding for legal expenses, look for a company that focuses on litigation funding.

    Am I Eligible for a Settlement Loan in California?

    California allows pre-settlement loans and does not regulate the lawsuit loan industry, which means you should have no problems finding a loan. However, you should be aware that the lack of regulation means that you may run across some unscrupulous lenders. It is always better to choose a settlement loan company with a long reputation of being trustworthy such as Uplift Legal Funding.

    Once you find a lending company, there are only two requirements that determine eligibility for pre-settlement loans in California: a current lawsuit and a lawyer on retainer. If you have both of these, then you can apply and be approved for a settlement loan.

    Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funding in California with Bad Credit?

    Yes. Credit is not a factor when we make our decision about pre-settlement funding. Uplift Legal Funding is only concerned about the merits of your lawsuit and that you have a lawyer representing you. If you can check those two boxes, then you can receive settlement loans.

    Settlement loans are not like traditional loans since the lender is not assessing their risk based on your financial habits. Instead, Uplift Legal Funding assesses the merit of your lawsuit to determine the level of risk associated with it and then grants approval if applicable.

    Therefore, you can have good credit, bad credit, poor credit, or excellent credit and still receive pre-settlement funding.

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    Regulation of California Lawsuit Loans

    Settlement loans remain largely unregulated in California.

    Despite a lack of regulation, reputable companies, such as Uplift, follow basic best-practice disclosure guidelines for litigation financing contracts. Pre-settlement lawsuit lending companies nationwide should display rates, fees, and repayment terms prominently in relation to the settlement loans they offer. Uplift proudly embodies the best-practice disclosure, we want what’s best for you.

    A common question is ‘can my attorney fund me or give me a cash advance in California?” The answer is no, according to the State Bar of California, any legal practitioner cannot pay or agree to fund any expenses for a client, in cash or otherwise.

    Our Satisfied Customers

    Brianna M testimonial avatar

    Brianna M

    5 Star Customer Review

    I couldn’t recommend Uplift Legal Funding more! Holly and Jared made the process so easy and pain free! All I had to do was email them and they were on it. I can go on and on about how much I recommend them! Thanks again Holly, Jared, and the whole Uplift Legal Funding team!

    Emily S testimonial avatar

    Emily S

    5 Star Customer Review

    I was going through a really tough financial situation. I contacted Uplift Legal Funding and they were so quick to help me. Within hours of asking for help, they deposited the money directly to my account. It means a lot when someone understands what you are going through and helps you right away.

    Jacob H testimonial avatar

    Jacob H

    5 Star Customer Review

    Uplift Legal Funding went above and beyond to ensure I didn’t lose everything. I was able to pay my bills and avoid the imminent threat of eviction. I wholeheartedly recommend Uplift Legal Funding. You have my eternal gratitude.

    These testimonials are from real, satisfied customers that we reached out to after they left positive reviews of Uplift Legal Funding online. They were compensated for the use of their name, likeness, and the honest reviews of our services that you see above.

    Lawsuit Loan Alternatives for Your Personal Injury Case in California

    The state of California offers several social programs to help those in financial difficulties. Many will require proof of financial hardship, but the applications are open to all. We’ve gathered a few of the best resources to help you stay afloat while you’re waiting for your lawsuit settlement.

    • If you need help with groceries, your family may be eligible for CalFresh Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the California food stamps program. The program helps California families purchase healthier foods. The amount of your benefit is based on family size and your combined income.

    • For immediate food needs, your local food bank may be of assistance. Each one has its own terms for receiving groceries, and you can find one near you, plus whether you need to provide an ID or other verification.

    • California CalWORKs (Temporary Cash Assistance) provides immediate cash assistance. If you are the only person working in your household, and your injury from the accident leaves you unable to work, you may be eligible for this benefit.

    • For ongoing financial assistance, you may qualify for CA SSDI and SSI. It’s open for people who have worked long enough to have accumulated benefits and been injured recently enough to qualify. The program can help those who cannot work for several months or longer due to their injury.

    • If you’re concerned about paying for your housing while your case is in progress, you may find relief from the Housing Help (Rent Relief, etc.). This agency can help people find housing in their income range and may help with eviction proceedings.

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    Personal Injury Lawsuits in California

    Below are some of the highest rated personal injury lawyers in California. They all have at least a 4.5 overall rating. We suggest only the best lawyers to work with whatever incident has occurred; from medical malpractice to catastrophic injury.

    Notable personal injury attorneys in California

    Uplift Legal Funding can only provide California pre-settlement litigation loans once you have hired an attorney or law firm to represent you. If you’re still looking for a lawyer, try some of these notable California personal injury law firms:

    GJEL Accident Attorneys

    • Address: 1625 The Alameda, Suite 511, San Jose, CA 95126

    • Phone: (925) 471-8225

    • Specialties: Hit and Run Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Bus Accidents

    • Locations: Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Francisco County, Santa Clara County, Sacramento County, Fresno County, Sonoma County

    Steven M. Sweat

    • Address: 11400 W Olympic Blvd #218, Los Angeles, CA 90064

    • Phone: (310) 592-0445

    • Specialties: Serious Injury, Fatal Accidents, Truck Accidents

    • Locations: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County

    The Reeves Law Group

    • Address: 200 W Santa Ana Blvd #630, Santa Ana, CA 92701

    • Phone: (714) 550-6000

    • Specialties: Car Accidents, Dangerous Products, Premise Accidents, Abuse Claims

    • Locations: Los Angeles, County, Orange County, Inland Empire, Ventura County

    Jacoby and Meyers

    • Address: 10900 Wilshire Blvd 15th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90024

    • (213) 296-0792

    • Specialties: Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, Rideshare Accidents, Construction Accidents

    • Locations: Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Orange County, Fresno County, San Francisco, Santa Clara County

    Get Funding From a Local California Lawsuit Loan Company

    Uplift Legal Funding is one of the leading lawsuit loan companies based in California.

    Why do we think Uplift is the best pre-settlement funding company in California? Because of our simple, non-compounding rates and fast turnaround time. Many other lawsuit loan companies charge compounding interest that costs almost double what we charge.

    Our offices are located in Santa Monica, CA.

    California Cities and Counties We Service

    We serve plaintiffs in all California counties:

    • Alameda County
    • Alpine County
    • Amador County
    • Butte County
    • Calaveras County
    • Colusa County
    • Contra Costa County
    • Del Norte County
    • El Dorado County
    • Fresno County
    • Glenn County
    • Humboldt County
    • Imperial County
    • Inyo County
    • Kern County
    • Kings County
    • Lake County
    • Lassen County
    • Los Angeles County
    • Madera County
    • Marin County
    • Mariposa County
    • Mendocino County
    • Merced County
    • Modoc County
    • Mono County
    • Monterey County
    • Napa County
    • Nevada County
    • Orange County
    • Placer County
    • Plumas County
    • Riverside County
    • Sacramento County
    • San Benito County
    • San Bernardino County
    • San Diego County
    • San Francisco County
    • San Joaquin County
    • San Luis Obispo County
    • San Mateo County
    • Santa Barbara County
    • Santa Clara County
    • Santa Cruz County
    • Shasta County
    • Sierra County
    • Siskiyou County
    • Solano County
    • Sonoma County
    • Stanislaus County
    • Sutter County
    • Tehama County
    • Trinity County
    • Tulare County
    • Tuolumne County
    • Ventura County
    • Yolo County
    • Yuba County

    If you already have an attorney handling your California case and you have started treatment for injuries, we can help. Call us or fill out our application, we can get you funding in as little as 24 hours.

    Uplift Legal Funding often approves California lawsuit loans within minutes of speaking with your attorney. Uplift provides legal funding to bridge the gap between injury and settlement. Our skilled personal injury managers review your case to get you a lawsuit cash advance to ease your mind and pay your bills. If you lose your case, you pay back nothing. It’s that simple.

    You can’t battle insurance companies alone. But with the help of companies like Uplift Legal Funding, you can be on even footing with them. Call us toll-free at (800) 385-3660 to speak with friendly funding specialists.

    Have Questions?

    What are lawsuit loans?

    Lawsuit loans are non-recourse advances provided to plaintiffs to help cover their living expenses during a lawsuit.

    Who qualifies for a California lawsuit loan?

    To be eligible for a lawsuit loan in California, you must be a plaintiff in a pending personal injury, class action or employment lawsuit. You must have a solid case and the negligent party must have insurance.

    How does the process work for lawsuit cash advances in California?

    First, submit an online application or call us at (800) 385-3660. Next, we reach out to your attorney and review your case. Once you are approved for funding, you can get funds the same day via Western Union or a wire.

    What are the fees and interest rates associated with California pre-settlement funding?

    Uplift Legal Funding exclusively charges simple, non-compounding rates. We can offer rates as low as 15% per six month period, but our average rate is a little bit higher. We can offer a nearly instant written quote on your first call with a representative.

    How is repayment handled?

    Once your case settles, your attorney will pay us back at the same time they issue your portion of the settlement. If your case is unsuccessful, neither you nor your attorney is responsible for repaying any principal or interest.

    How long does the process take?

    In many cases, it is possible to receive settlement loans within 24 hours. Your lawyer or law firm has a lot of control over the turnaround rate. After you apply with us, tell your attorney you applied with Uplift Legal Funding.

    After you apply, Uplift Legal Funding will contact your attorney often within a few minutes of your application. We send a simple request for information. As soon as your attorney responds, we review your case. For small requests, this can take as little as a few hours. For larger requests or more complicated cases, review can take as long as one to two business days.

    Once you’re approved, Uplift Legal Funding sends you a contract. We offer various forms of payment, including but not limited to wire transfers, Western Union, overnight checks.

    What part does my lawyer play in the pre-settlement loan process?

    Your California lawyer plays a large role in the pre-settlement loan process.

    First of all, one of the main eligibility factors of pre-settlement funding is that you have a lawyer.

    After you apply for funding with Uplift Legal Funding, we will contact your lawyer to collect documentation and information relating to your case. Some of the information that we need from your lawyer includes expected damages, liability, and insurance information.

    Finally, your attorney signs off on the pre-settlement funding contract and is responsible for payment when your case settles.

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      California Funding Examples

      California Premises Liability


      Funded in 2019

      Complex premises liability case in which defendants left a substantial amount of standing water at a construction site, giving rise to a large mosquito infestation. Plaintiff was infected with West Nile Virus and suffered from myasthenia gravis as a result of the infection.

      California Car Accident Claim


      Funded in 2019

      The plaintiff was involved in two motor vehicle accidents approximately a year apart As a result of his injuries from the two accidents, plaintiff underwent a neck fusion surgery and an arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

      California Car Accident Claim


      Funded in 2021

      Commercial motor vehicle accident with $3,000,000 of coverage. Defendant made a left turn into traffic and struck the plaintiff. The plaintiff underwent multi-level fusion surgery as a result of his injuries.

      California Car Accident Claim


      Funded in 2022

      The plaintiff was a passenger in an Uber that ran a red light and caused a serious intersection accident. The plaintiff sustained injuries requiring a shoulder surgery, neck procedures, and a back surgery, incurring $190K of medical expenses.

      California Car Accident Claim


      Funded in 2024

      Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by a semi-truck that changed lanes due to road debris. He sustained a back injury requiring a lumbar fusion, multiple injections, and RFA procedure.

      California Dog Bite Claim


      Funded in 2022

      The plaintiff was attacked by a pit bull and sustained injuries to his right hand. As a result, the plaintiff underwent surgery to their right index finger. The plaintiff and their counsel sued the homeowner and sought recovery of the full $300,000 homeowners insurance coverage policy.

      California Premises Liability


      Funded in 2020

      A guest was injured when a shower head fell off the shower wall at a hotel. As a result, he sustained injuries to the head, eye, and neck. He underwent a cervical fusion surgery and incurred $400,000 in medical bills.

      California Premises Liability


      Funded in 2020

      An appliance malfunctioned and exploded at a major hotel franchise. The incident caused permanent hearing loss to the plaintiff.

      California Wrongful Death Claim


      Funded in 2020

      Wrongful death claim against a large department store from which ammunition used in a shooting was stolen. This complex negligent security claim alleged that the store failed to properly store and safeguard the stolen ammunition.

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