Employment Lawsuit LoansEmployment lawsuit loans help out-of-work plaintiffs survive their lawsuit

Workplace disputes occur, and oftentimes turmoil between an employer and employee makes it to court. When this happens, employment lawsuit loans can help.

When taking on your employer, you will most likely be up against a company with much more resources than you have access to. Employment lawsuit loans will level the playing field, so you are able to seek the compensation you deserve. Continue reading to learn about the types of employment lawsuits and how lawsuit loans can help.

Instant Pre Approval on Employment Lawsuit Funding

It is important to note that many funders will look for cases approved by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Evidence is usually required (unless fault is admitted), and can include pay stubs (unpaid wages), emails, texts, witness statements, etc.

Uplift Legal Funding commonly provides the following employment lawsuit loans:

Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit Loans

Workplace discrimination is illegal. An employee cannot be subject to discrimination based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability and gender association. This includes decisions on hiring or firing, promotions, pay, benefits, training, etc. If you fall victim to discrimination in the workplace, the EEOC is the gatekeeper to pursuing your lawsuit.

Workplace Harassment Lawsuit Loans

Workplace harassment can be uncomfortable and even hostile. It includes sexual conversations or advances, inappropriate jokes or general hostility and bullying. This type of behavior can come from a boss or even a fellow employee.

Sexual harassment is the most common form of a harassment case. Generally, the employee claims that the employer or senior employee made sexual demands in exchange for preferential treatment.

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Loans

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer fires an employee for the wrong reason. This includes discrimination, or for refusing to partake in illegal or wrongful activities.

In the event of wrongful termination, it is essential for the employee (or plaintiff) to obtain proof to back up their claim.

Unpaid Wages Lawsuit Loans

Unpaid wages claims involve wages that are never received by the employee. These unpaid wages are earned from overtime, commission or bonuses. If you are filing a claim for unpaid wages, it is important to hold onto pay stubs and any other documentation, which will serve as solid evidence.

How Lawsuit Loans Help Employment Lawsuit Plaintiffs

In employment lawsuits, the plaintiff is likely out of work due to a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, etc. Little to no income during a lawsuit adds to the financial strain that many plaintiffs face. Employment lawsuit loans help meet the financial demands of the plaintiff, until they receive settlement.

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