Unpaid Wages Lawsuit Loans

There are many forms of employment lawsuits, but one of the more common and frustrating ones is unpaid wages. This occurs when wages are never received by the employee. These unpaid wages can be earned from overtime, commission or bonuses. If you have been subject to unfair or no pay for work that you completed, continue reading to learn about unpaid wages lawsuit loans.

Instant Pre Approval on Unpaid Wages Legal Funding

Certain laws are in place to help protect employees from unfair or unpaid wages. For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 established a minimum wage, overtime pay, etc. Even though these protective laws make the employer obligated to pay their employees, some still try to get out of paying.

As an employee, it is crucial that you report these wrongful acts if they occur. Many workers fear they will be fired for reporting such acts, but it is important to hold the employer accountable to prevent future problems.

As the unpaid employee, or plaintiff, is important to note that evidence is essential to helping your case. This includes any relevant pay stubs, emails, texts, witness statements, etc. that show your work went unpaid. Once you obtain solid evidence, you must file the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within the time limit provided.

Legal funders only look at cases approved by the EEOC and that have sufficient evidence, showing the defendant’s clear violation.

How Lawsuit Loans Help Unpaid Wages Plaintiffs

Oftentimes, unpaid wages plaintiffs find themselves without a job or immediate source of income. Plaintiffs also may face difficulty when looking for a new job, due to their legal battle. This phase of unemployment puts quite a strain on their resources. Unpaid wages lawsuit loans provide the necessary financial assistance they need to reach settlement. These loans help cover basic living costs until the plaintiff is able to get assistance from their settlement.

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