Workplace Harassment Lawsuit Loans

A harassment lawsuit can leave you out of work. If you need money for living or other expenses, workplace harassment lawsuit loans can help. Harassment leads to a hostile work environment. It includes sexual advances, inappropriate jokes or general hostility and bullying. This type of behavior can come from a boss or even a fellow employee.

Sexual harassment is the most common form of a harassment case. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 29.5% of their complaints in 2015 were based on sexual harassment claims. Generally, the employee claims that the employer or another employee in a higher position made sexual demands in exchange for preferential treatment.

Are you a victim of workplace harassment? Read this article to learn more about workplace harassment lawsuit loans.

Instant Pre Approval on Workplace Harassment Legal Funding

Workplace harassment comes in various forms and can take quite a toll on the harassed employee. The different forms include bullying, inappropriate jokes and hostility. Aside from these forms of harassment, the most common one is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment consists of sexual conversations, jokes or advances and is a valid reason for the employee to file a lawsuit. In many cases, sexual requests are made by the employer to the employee and influence the employee’s employment status, education, work environment, etc.

As the harassed employee, or plaintiff, is important to note that evidence is essential to helping your case. This includes any relevant pay stubs, emails, texts, witness statements, etc. that show harassment or other wrongful behavior on the part of the employer. Once you obtain solid evidence, you must file the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within the time limit provided.

Legal funders only look at cases approved by the EEOC and that have sufficient evidence, showing the defendant’s clear violation.

How Lawsuit Loans Help Workplace Harassment Plaintiffs

Oftentimes, workplace harassment plaintiffs find themselves without a job or immediate source of income. Plaintiffs also may face difficulty when looking for a new job, due to their legal battle. This phase of unemployment puts quite a strain on their resources, especially when the legal process can take years until a settlement is reached. Lawsuit loans provide the necessary financial assistance needed to reach settlement. These loans help cover basic living costs until the plaintiff is able to get assistance from their settlement.

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