Los Angeles Lawsuit Loans

Uplift is proud to provide Los Angeles lawsuit loans to personal injury plaintiffs. Uplift’s headquarters is in southern Los Angeles County.

While Uplift funds cases nationally, our underwriters have significant experience with Los Angeles lawsuits. This helps us get some of the best rates for LA County plaintiffs.

Not every state has the same laws about lawsuits. Even different counties treat things differently.

Some states maintain different negligence standards. Some counties have historically high or low verdicts for similar cases.

Underwriter with more experience in a given locale have a better understanding of the risk of any given case.

This means that legal funding companies are often able to offer the best rates in regions of expertise.

Because they are based in the area and have experts knowledgeable in county codes, we’re also able to make decisions very quickly.

Los Angeles Lawsuits

In the fiscal year 2013-2014 alone, Los Angeles County saw over 250,000 civil lawsuits filed in the county (page 115). To put that into perspective, that means one out of every 20 people filed a lawsuit that year. That’s a ton of litigation.

It’s safe to say that not everybody who filed a lawsuit in that time was financially well off, either. Many plaintiffs are unable to work due to injuries. Some might have lost their jobs. It’s an unfortunate situation but it’s one many find themselves in.

Los Angeles Car Accidents

7 and a half million cars registered in the County, almost one per person. As a result, Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the country.

Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles County has among the highest accident totals in the entire country as well. Motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents – they happen every day on the roads of Los Angeles County, and not just on the major highways.

In one recent study, it was shown over 57,000 people were treated in an emergency room for injuries sustained in automobile accidents in Los Angeles County Alone. Of those, almost 6,500 people were hospitalized and more than 600 died. Perhaps that doesn’t seem like a lot in a population of 9 million, but remember, that’s only people who went to a hospital. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands were in accidents without going to a hospital for treatment.

Uplift Legal Funding

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