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Financial tips for plaintiffs.

Uplift Legal Funding's lawsuit loan calculator helps you see the true cost of lawsuit loans before you apply

Lawsuit Loan Calculator

Why choose Uplift? Simple, non-compounding rates make us a plaintiff favorite 4.9 on Google 5.0 on Yelp 4.8 on BBB As featured on Uplift’s Lawsuit Loan Calculator Uplift Legal Funding exclusively charges simple, non-compounding rates. In specific cases, we can even beat the terms listed below. Call us for a no-obligation sample contract. Using this …

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Learn more about why lawsuit loans can be so expensive - don't pay more than you have to

Why is Pre-Settlement Funding so Expensive?

The truth is, most funding companies charge as much as you’ll pay. Even though pre-settlement funding smells looks and tastes like a loan, it technically is not classified as a loan. The reason for this classification largely relies on the fact that advances are non-recourse, which means that there is no personal obligation to repay. …

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How to get the most our of your personal injury case

Maximizing the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

As follow-up to our previous note on valuing your personal injury case, we’d like to explain how to maximize the value of your general personal injury case. Day 1 First up, if you are able, try to document liability. If you were in a car accident or slip and fall, try to secure any of …

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The question isn't how much you can get. It's a matter of how much your case qualifies for

What’s it Worth? How Much Funding Can You Get?

While “what’s my case worth?” might be one of the most common questions personal injury attorney get, “how much can you approve me for?” is definitely our most common question at Uplift. Because we typically can advance up to a percentage (10% – 15%) of conservatively estimated case value, the first question answers the second. …

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