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Lawsuit Loan Calculator

Use our lawsuit loan calculator below to estimate the cost of pre-settlement funding with Uplift Legal Funding.
Legal funding made easy

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Uplift’s Lawsuit Loan Calculator

Uplift Legal Funding's lawsuit loan calculator helps you see the true cost of lawsuit loans before you apply

Uplift Legal Funding exclusively charges simple, non-compounding rates. Most of the time, our rates fall between 15% and 22.5% simple, semi-annual. Our median rate is 20%, simple, semi-annual. In specific cases, we can even beat the terms listed below. Call us for a no-obligation sample contract.

Using this calculator

Using this calculator is very easy – just plug in the amount of funding you’re looking for and hit “calculate.” The calculator will then output the total cost of that advance amount through three years. The calculator just shows the cost of the advance and does not include the advance amount itself. It is important to note that you are not responsible for paying anything back until your case settles. If your case is unsuccessful, you pay back nothing.

The rates used for this calculator are:

  • Uplift Legal Funding: 20% simple interest, semi-annually
  • Other Funding Companies: 3.0%, compounded monthly

You will easily see from the calculator that simple rates and low fees make a huge difference in what you ultimately have to pay back. Always do your best to avoid compounding interest and contracts that don’t clearly state an interest rate. Actual terms vary and therefore may be different from those listed below. These terms are listed here for illustrative purposes.

You can lock in our calculator rates (or better) by mentioning discount code “CALCULATOR” to your representative on your first call with us. We will then be happy to provide you with a formal quote in writing.

Input your requested funding amount here:

Advance Amount:

Total cost of a $10,000 advance:

0 – 6 $2,600 $4,329
6 – 12 $4,700 $7,109
12 – 18 $6,800 $10,429
18 – 24 $8,900 $14,394
24 – 30 $11,000 $19,127
30 – 36 $13,100 $24,779
Terms used in above calculation:
  • Advance Amount: $10,000
  • Our Rate: 20% semi-annual, simple rate
  • Our Fees: $500
  • Competitor Rate: 3% monthly, compounding rate
  • Competitor Fees: $2,000

Our terms are often negotiable. In some cases, we are able to offer rates as low as 15%, semi-annual and fees as low as $0.

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