Police Brutality Lawsuit LoansUplift provides lawsuit loans against police brutality cases so you can fight back

It’s hard to turn on the news nowadays and not hear a story about a police officer overstepping his reach. Some officers assault people out of fear for their own safety, others do it in a case of bad judgment, and still others are simply abusing their power. Whatever the reason, in most cases the injured plaintiff has a valid lawsuit. If you are in need of financial help, Uplift can provide police brutality lawsuit loans while you await settlement.

The news stories also illustrate that these cases have something else in common: they can take forever to settle. Fighting a public entity like a police force can take time and money. Often times plaintiffs do not have the cash to keep them afloat while their case proceeds. Fortunately, that’s where companies like Uplift Legal Funding can help.

Get Pre-Approved Legal Funds for Your Police Brutality Lawsuit

The good news is companies like Uplift Legal Funding can help plaintiffs fight the good fight. The type of information that lawsuit loan companies need varies in this type of case, but in general, here is the information they would obtain from a lawyer to review:

  • Liability information that proves the plaintiff was innocent (this could be a video tape, newspaper articles, police report, or witness statements)
  • Medical records showing the physical injury
  • A complaint if the lawsuit was filed
  • It’s helpful to see insurance information but it’s not necessary if the attorney does not have it yet

This information, along with your application, is all you need to get started. Are you unsure if you are far enough along to apply? Call Uplift today at (800) 385-3660.

How Much is My Police Brutality Case Worth?

The amount of police brutality lawsuit loans you qualify for depends on your case value.

Unlike lawsuits like motor vehicle cases, there aren’t templates to determine how much a case is worth. There are many factors at play. Were there physical injuries or just emotional ones? Did anyone film the incident? Did the plaintiff do anything to make the situation worse? Was the plaintiff doing anything illegal? Were there witnesses? Was the assault racially motivated?

Case values range all over. In some cases, a plaintiff might think they were wronged when really they were posing a threat to the officer who was doing his duty. Many times, however, the plaintiff is found innocent. They can be awarded anywhere from tens of thousands to almost in the tens of millions, like in the case of William Jennings. It all depends on the factors listed above.

How Long Will My Police Brutality Case Take to Settle?

One thing is for certain, it is rare that a self-insured body like a police force will want to settle out early. For one, it admits they were wrong which will cast doubt on the force in the future. Two, it’s costly for them. They will want to use their pool of funds to stretch the case out as long as possible. This can cause problems for plaintiffs.

It is not unheard of for police brutality cases to take five years or more. Even slam-dunk cases can take several years. Usually if a police brutality case ends in a short amount of time, that’s bad news for the plaintiff.

This is where police brutality lawsuit loans come in. We can help you outlast the insurance companies, and beat them at their own waiting-game.

Is Uplift the Right Company for Me?

Every company offers something they excel at. Uplift prides itself on its customer service. We won’t treat you like a deal for us to close. We’ll try to help you get past your awful incident and get you the police brutality lawsuit loans you deserve. Our underwriters are experts in police brutality so you don’t need to worry about your legal funding company taking forever going back and forth with your attorney. We know speed is very important, so we often get answers to our clients within two days.

The Uplift team looks forward to working with you. Apply online or give us a call at (800) 385-3660.