Premises Liability Lawsuit Loans
Premises liability lawsuit loans can be useful for plaintiffs who are struggling financially

Uplift Legal Funding gives premises liability lawsuit loans to plaintiffs with pending lawsuits.

We fund up to $500,000 on premises liability cases, and offer smaller lawsuit loans with a very fast and no-hassle process.

You can receive legal funding for living or medical expenses within 24 hours of approval. Let our staff know your timeline, and we will do our best to meet or beat it.

At Uplift, we pride ourselves on doing what’s best for the client. We do not over-lend. We tell every client to take only what they need. Premises liability legal funding is typically very expensive. We also counsel our clients to look around for a good rate. Ask if the rate is simple or compounded, and what upfront fees are on the contract.

Pre-Approved Legal Funding for Premises Liability Lawsuits

Applying for a premises liability legal funding is fast and easy, just like any other type of case. All you need to do is apply at [application] or give us a call at (800) 385-3660.

We reach out to your attorney, and keep you in the loop as we ask for case files. Once your lawyer’s office has sent us what we need, we tell you how much you are approved for.

Common Premises Liability Cases we Fund

How We Evaluate Premises Liability Legal Funding

Evaluating a premises liability settlement loans can be tricky.

We have specialists in-house. and provide the best rate possible on cases that we fund.

Our team is mostly focused on the following factors with loans:

  • Liability: Our team asks about the injury and how it happened
  • Damages: We ask for basic medical info about your case and injuries
  • Insurance coverage and medical expenses: Lastly, we ask about how much insurance coverage exists, and then what medical providers will have liens on your case.

Once we have this information, we have to decide to what extent the defendant is liable. We then can predict the value of your case, and how much you qualify for.

Approval for premises liability lawsuit funding is based on liability. Damages, insurance coverage and medical expenses determine the amount of funding. To learn more about premises liability lawsuit loans, take a look at our legal funding guide.

Getting Your Premises Liability Lawsuit Loan

Once approved for you premises liability lawsuit loans, we can deliver cash fast. We can deliver via direct deposit, next day air, wire transfer, etc. with no upfront cost or fees. What you do with the money is up to you, but we strongly recommend use for expenses or medical bills.

Apply online or give us a call at (800) 385-3660 and we be happy to discuss your options. With your lawyer’s help, we process lawsuit loans in as little as 48 hours.