Hotel and Casino Injury Lawsuit Loans

State and federal laws obligate hotels and casinos to create and maintain a safe environment clear of all known hazards. This is known as premises liability. When injuries do occur, it is important to recognize any fault of the institution. Read this article for more information on hotel and casino injuries, and how to go about a personal injury case.

Types of Accidents

Many types of accidents can happen at a hotel or casino.  The most common type is premises liability such as a slip and fall, which is often caused by wet floors, ice, staircases, etc. Accidents can also be a direct result of construction. Additionally, hotels and casinos are frequently sued for assault, bed bugs and car accidents.

Filing a Legal Claim Against a Hotel or Casino

Injury on the premises of a hotel or casino may entitle you to compensation. Hotels and casinos expect lawsuits and it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to pursue your case.

Steps to take after an accident include taking pictures at the scene, reporting the accident with an incident report, getting contact details for any witnesses and obtaining video footage (from the hotel). Note that any hotel documents (pictures, photographs, incident reports, etc.) may be unavailable to the victim until discovery.

Legal Funding From Uplift

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