Incident Reports and Legal Funding

Let’s start by going over what an incident report is. An incident report is a document that is filled out in the event of an injury or accident. The types of accidents that require an incident report include work-related injuries, car accidents or injuries that occur at a health care facility. If you were injured on commercial property and as a result of someone’s negligence, incident reports are essential to your case. Continue reading this article for more information on incident reports and legal funding.

Why Get an Incident Report?

In a personal injury case, the incident report serves as crucial evidence. The injured party, or plaintiff, should always obtain a copy of the incident report directly after injury. This report documents what happened, and can be used as evidence if your injuries warrant a case. Because this report is so valuable to your case, it is important to be very detailed and accurate.

An incident report generally includes the following information:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • The date, time and location of the accident.
  • The names of witnesses or others involved.
  • A detailed account of what happened.

It is important to be as detailed as possible when filling out a report, as it will prove to be helpful in supporting your case and receiving legal funding. Be sure to fill one out immediately following the incident. If an employee or manager witnessed the incident, have them fill out an account of the incident.

How Legal Funding Companies Use Incident Reports

An incident report is an important component to seeking legal funding. Funders need to have a clear idea of the accident and who was at fault. If the defendant was clearly being negligent, a funder is more likely to offer assistance. The type of injury and accident, as laid out in the report, can also impact the amount of compensation a plaintiff receives. The stronger the case, the more funding provided.

At Uplift Legal Funding, we provide fast cash and financial assistance to plaintiffs in dire need of help. If negligence of another party caused your injury, be sure to obtain an incident report before filing a claim. We want to ensure you take proper action, so that we are able to help you out as much as possible. Apply today!