Construction Accident Lawsuit Loans

Uplift provides fast and easy construction accident legal funding to personal injury plaintiffs

Construction sites are usually very safe, but accidents can happen there. Worse yet, there are often several companies working in conjunction, so there are more potential interactions. From the hiring company, to the company providing the additional labor, to the companies who make the equipment, to the leaseholders of the property, there are many moving parts in every construction deal. Uplift helps you get back on your feet with construction accident lawsuit loans.

Given the nature of construction accidents, these accidents can involve catastrophic injury. From falls to defective machinery to equipment failure, there are countless ways you can get injured on the job. These injuries can put you out of work for ages, all the while your bills continue to mount up. If you have a third party case (suing someone other than the employer and the employee’s insurance company), you may be able to get funding early.

Fast and Easy Lawsuit Loans for Construction Accident Cases

There are many funding companies out there, but some don’t offer funding on all cases. At Uplift, we specialize in construction accident lawsuit loans.

Because our underwriters are very knowledgeable about the these cases, we’re able to get you construction accident lawsuit loans fast and at a great rate. At Uplift, we treat each client like they’re our #1 priority. To learn more about how lawsuit loans work, take a look at our guide to legal funding.

Apply online or give us a call at (800) 385-3660 to begin the application process, and we will try to get money in your hands immediately.

How Much is My Construction Accident Case Worth?

There is no such thing as a standard construction accident case. Like most accidents, the value of your case is going to depend on a few things: the extent of the injuries (and your treatment), who caused the accident, and how far along your case has already progressed. What county the accident happened in also affects value. All that said, most construction cases have a few things going for them: they’re usually against defendants who have large insurance policies, they are often well documented, and many attorneys are well prepared to handle them.

Case values can range anywhere from the tens of thousands to millions. The amount of construction accident lawsuit loan you qualify for is largely based on your case value.

How Long Do 3rd Party Construction Cases Take?

Insurance companies have the upper hand in lawsuits because they have the money to stretch them out. Plaintiffs who are hurt in these accidents lose time from work, sometimes even losing their jobs. It is to the benefit of defendants to keep the cases going as long as possible. That could mean months or, more likely, years. In fact, in some states, you can have three or four years to even file a lawsuit, which can then take years from that point.

This creates must stress to the plaintiffs. Because of this, many plaintiffs try to get quick settlements that are often a fraction of what they could make if the case were to go the full distance. One tool to have in your toolbelt is a pre-settlement loan, which gives you some financial backing, allowing the case to progress more naturally.

How To Get Approved for Construction Accident Legal Funding

Legal funding is becoming increasingly common. This is true in 3rd party construction cases as well. Here are a few things you’ll need to be considered for a construction accident lawsuit loan:

  • proof of your injuries, the liability of the case, and court documents (we obtain these from the attorney)
  • obviously, you’d need an attorney handling your accident case
  • you need to be 18 years old

Apply online or give us a call at (800) 385-3660. We get case documents from your attorney and sometimes speak to him/her. Our underwriters can usually determine in no time at all if your case is suitable for funding. Many times we have an answer to you within 48 hours.