Shoulder Injury Lawsuit Loan

Shoulders are the most movable joints in the body. Shoulders can be unstable, and many common problems including sprains, strains, dislocations, separations, tendinitis, fractures, and arthritis come from repeated misuse. Shoulder injuries are can arise from various reasons car accidents, and sports injuries are very common causes of shoulder injury.

Uplift Legal Funding provides shoulder injury lawsuit loans for all types of personal injury cases. Depending on the severity of your injury you may lose ability to work and participate in normal social activities. Furthermore, insurance companies can take years to settle your case which can have a negative effect on your financial situation. A shoulder injury lawsuit loan from Uplift Legal Funding can help you financially throughout the lawsuit process. You can use the funds for a variety of reasons including personal, and medical expenses.

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Qualifying For Shoulder Injury Lawsuit Loans With Uplift

The qualification process is very simple with Uplift. To determine the value of your shoulder injury lawsuit we take into consideration the extent of injuries sustained and jurisdiction in which your case falls in. Furthermore, to qualify you must have shoulder injury, and have hired a lawyer for your lawsuit.

There are 7 specific categories in which you shoulder injury can fall under. Frozen shoulder, broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder, separated shoulder, shoulder fractures, shoulder instability, SLAP tears, and bursitis. The most common symptoms for shoulder injuries include;

  • Pain at rest and night, particularly if lying on the affected shoulder
  • Pain when lifting and lowering your arm or with specific movements
  • Weakness when lifting or rotating your arm
  • Crepitus or crackling sensation when moving shoulder in certain positions

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Shoulder Injury Information & Statistics

There are two main forms of treatment for shoulder injuries. Nonsurgical treatment relieves pain and improves function in the shoulder. Shoulder strength, however, does not usually improve without surgery. Options for non surgical treatment include rest, activity modification, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and steroid injection.

Surgical treatment is the second method of shoulder therapy. Continued pain is the main indication for surgery. Surgery often involves re-attaching the tendon to the head of the upper arm bone. Recovery is an important aspect of surgical treatment most often doctors will prescribe pain medication to help with the natural healing process and rehabilitation to help get you back to your daily activities.

Sport injuries are the most common source for shoulder injury. According to the CDC within a 10 year span more than 50,000 football players, basketball players, and bicyclists reported shoulder injury.

Your Choice for Shoulder Injury Lawsuit Legal Funding

At Uplift Legal Funding our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We have created a hassle free and fast application process to help you get pre-settlement funding. Uplift understands the sensitive nature of your case and will always protect your private information. Keep in mind your shoulder injury lawsuit legal funding is risk free and we guarantee the lowest interest rates in the industry. Give us a call at (800) 385-3660 or apply online.