Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, more commonly known as the Jones Act, is a law the protects workers on any type of ship or boat. It was modeled after the FELA act which protected railroad workers. A lawsuit against a nautical worker’s employer is very much like a traditional workman’s compensation case in that the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant was at fault. However, when one considers just how many working parts there on a commercial sea vessel, it’s easy to see that these lawsuits can be very big deals. Not only that, it’s not just the people out on the rainy decks who are considered seamen. Cooks, bartenders, stewards, and captains also fall under the blanket of people covered by the law.

How Much is My Jones Act Case Worth?

Anyone with a job anywhere can get injured on the job. Even people at a desk job could still slip on an icy sidewalk at their job or handle a defective piece of equipment. On a boat, however, there are far more dangers. Even on good weather days, there are tons of heavy equipment that is used on a daily basis. Any of these can be used wrong by a fellow crewmate or they could simply malfunction. Ropes, gears, pistons, turbines, anchors – any of these can cause tragic injuries even if all the rules are followed. When you add in the hazardous weather that these ships often encounter, the dangers increase exponentially.

Because of this extreme risk, injuries can be life-changing. As with any type of lawsuit, the worse the injury, the more you could potentially recover in a lawsuit. Most ships carry very large insurance policies as well, so that is one more element in the plaintiff’s favor. While there is no one answer for how much a Jones Act case will settle for, verdicts can range from $20,000 to $200,000, and there have been verdicts in excess of $5,000,000. The extent of your injuries and other factors will determine where in the spectrum your case will finish up.

How Long Will My Jones Act Case Take?

This is the less optimistic answer. Insurance companies of large commercial vessels don’t stay in business by settling every claim they get for large sums right away. Jones Act cases in particular can stretch out because often a lawyer will need to line up experts in the field to research how the machinery failed or how the employer was negligent. Sometimes both the plaintiff and the defendant’s side will line up experts, and that can take even longer. Jones Act cases can take years to finish. Not every worker can wait that long, especially ones whose injuries were so bad they can no longer work. How can you hold out until the end without having to take a small settlement offer just to keep your head above water?

Getting Approved for a Pre-Settlement Loan

If you find yourself in the above situation, the good news is that there are companies who are set up to provide you with funds to keep on an even keel with insurance companies. Pre-settlement loans, also called cash advances, are easy to get. Your attorney will work with a funding company to provide the following information:

  • documentation about your injuries and any surgeries you have had
  • information and documents proving that you were not at fault for the accident (such as expert reports)
  • confirmation of the insurance information
  • court documents

You can often get an answer within 48 hours.

Why Choose Uplift Legal Funding?

Not every company specializes in Jones Act cases. Our underwriters are knowledgeable about all the nuances of these types of cases. We also value customer service more than other companies. You are more than a dollar sign to us; you are a person who needs help and we are there to provide it. We have among the lowest rates of any company and can get you an answer very quickly. Contact us now to start an application and we will try to get money in your hands immediately.