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    Overview of Motorcycle Accident Litigation Loans

    Are you involved in a motorcycle accident lawsuit and struggling financially while you wait for a settlement? Litigation funding provides a solution. It offers an advance cash payment to help litigants like you meet basic needs during the pendency of your claim.

    Bearing the financial strain out of pocket while waiting for a settlement from a motorcycle accident case can be overwhelming. What’s more, litigation processes may extend for prolonged periods, leaving you under significant financial strain. Legal funding is designed to ease this burden for accident victims as they wait for their case to conclude.

    Also called pre-settlement loans or lawsuit cash advances, this financial solution has helped many injury plaintiffs survive economically through long litigation procedures. The best part? If your case does not win, you don’t pay back the loan. Yes, it’s that straightforward.

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    Motorcycle accidents often result in much more serious injuries than typical car accidents

    When you have been in a car accident, there is a metal shell around you that lessens the likelihood of you being severely injured or worse, killed. However, none of the life saving technologies that are readily available in cars, exist for motorcycles. There are much fewer things that protect a motorcycle ride.

    Below is a list of what a motorcycle rider has to protect themselves from severe injuries:

    • Airbag vests and jackets – motorcycle vests and jackets have impact sensors within that deploy airbags to protect the chest and internal organs
    • Bluetooth gloves – gloves that connect to the motorcycle’s bluetooth so you can get directions by moving certain parts of your hand
    • Boots – boots are made more flexible and shock absorbent to help lessen damages done to the feet and lower body
    • Safer helmets – helmets are now made with more energy absorbing technology to lessen the likelihood of traumatic brain injury

    Each of these have to be purchased outside of the motorcycle. This is unlike cars, where all of the safety equipment comes built into the vehicle. The safety features in cars offer more protection than the features you get from motorcycle equipment.

    Below is a few of the modern safety features you will find in a car:

    • Automatic high beams – when in a dark area, your car’s high beams will automatically come on
    • Automatic emergency braking – if a car has suddenly stopped in front of you your car will automatically brake
    • Active head restraints – when an accident occurs, the head rest of the car absorbs most of the impact energy to lessen the injury of whiplash
    • Blind spot warning – if something is in your blind spot, your car will automatically alert you
    • Brake assistance – if there is a need for a sudden brake the car will assist
    • Forward collision warning – if there seems to be an impending front collision the car will alert the driver
    • Pedestrian detection – if a pedestrian is behind your car, it will automatically break

    These features all ensure that minimal damage will be done to the passengers in the car. This is opposed to motorcycles, which only have what the rider is wearing to protect them.

    As a result of the lack of protection that comes with riding a motorcycle, motorcycles accidents are far more likely to be deadly. The injuries are more likely to be severe and the victim is more likely to have a lengthy process before they go to trial.

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    National motorcycle accident statistics

    According to the NHTSA, 89,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2017. An additional 5,127 individuals were in fatal accidents.

    As stated in the IIHS report on motorcycle safety, in 2017 motorcycle accidents were 27 times more likely to be deadly than car accidents. Helmets are 37% likely to prevent death and 67% likely to prevent brain injuries.

    As of 2018, motorcycle deaths accounted for 14% of all motor vehicle deaths, which is double what it was in 1997. In 2018, more unlicensed motorcycle drivers (30%) were in fatal accidents than unlicensed car drivers (16%).

    37% of motorcyclist deaths in 2018 happened in single car accidents, while 63% occurred in multiple-vehicle crashes.

    Motorcycle fatalities have been steadily decreasing since the early 1980s. However, in 1988 they became increasing and peaked in 2008. Since 2008, they have been decreasing steadily.

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    Common causes of motorcycle accidents

    Typically, motorcycle accidents occur because people are not aware of the biker on the road. This is opposed to driver accidents which usually involve negligence on the part of the driver. Below we have listed some of the most common causes:

    • Alcohol – in 2017, drinking and driving contributed to 33 percent of the motorcycle accidents in America.
    • Road hazards – wet pavement, uneven roads, and potholes that do not affect a car can have a big impact on motorcycle riders
    • Less visibility – motorcycle rides are smaller and harder to seen
    • Drivers skills – there is more skill required to drive a motorcycle. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to be in an accident
    • Short stopping distance – motorcycles have a shorter stopping distance. Therefore a motorcycle may appear to stop suddenly causing a collision
    • Right of way – many cars fail to give motorcycles the right of way
    • Cars making a left turn – the top reason for this accidents is cars making a left turn and failing to notice the motorcyclist
    • Lane splitting – it is legal in most states for motorcycles to lane split, or drive between cars in the lane dividers. However cars often do not see them
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    Ways to avoid motorcycle accidents

    As stated earlier, motorcycle accidents are usually caused by car drivers. Below we have some ways you as a driver can avoid being in an accident.

    • Visibility – make sure you are wearing reflective clothing while riding. It increased the likelihood of a driver seeing you
    • Protection – make sure you are wearing protective clothing whenever possible
    • Full face helmet – make sure you are wearing a full face Department of transportation approved helmet
    • Careful around intersections – most motorcycle crashes happen at intersections, so it’s important you are extra careful when around them
    • Bad weather – avoid riding when there is bad weather, it increasingly the likelihood of risky driving

    Using some of the tips above can help prevent some accidents from occurring. Remember if you have been in a motorcycle accident, you can always apply with uplift for a motorcycle accident lawsuit loan, regardless of what state you live in.

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    These testimonials are from real, satisfied customers that we reached out to after they left positive reviews of Uplift Legal Funding online. They were compensated for the use of their name, likeness, and the honest reviews of our services that you see above.

    Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loan FAQs

    Below we have listed some frequently asked questions about motorcycle injury lawsuit funding.

    What rates does Uplift charge for motorcycle accident loans

    Here at Uplift we charge rates on a moving scale. Generally, that range is 17.5-22.5 non-compounding. This means that we only charge rated based on the original fund amount, and never on accumulated funds.

    How much you take in pre-settlement funding dictates how much we will charge in rates. If for some reason your settlement is less than what was expected, you don’t have to pay the full amount back. We never want our funding to be the reason you go into debt, so if the settlement is less than the funding, you do not have to pay all of the funding back.

    How long does it take to get a motorcycle accident lawsuit loans?

    Generally it takes 24 to 48 hours for us to get you approved for your motorcycle accident lawsuit loan. Because it is a relatively fast process, we can get you your legal funding within 24 hours of approval. The rate that we approve you depends on how quickly your attorney can gather information for us.

    One we have all of the requested information from your attorney, we can get you your cash advance. We offer four main methods of funding transfer:

    • MoneyGram
    • Western Union
    • Direct wire
    • Overnight check

    Do I qualify for a motorcycle accident lawsuit loan?

    There are only three qualifying factors for a motorcycle accident lawsuit loan with Uplift.

    1. You are 18 years and older – Uplift is unable to grant funding to minors
    2. You have an attorney – Uplift is unable to grant funding if you do not have a lawyer
    3. You need money now  – you have exhausted other methods of payment and need funding now

    If you fulfill those requirements then you qualify for a lawsuit loan with Uplift.

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    Getting Motorcycle Accident Legal Funding

    Motorcycle accident settlement cases are usually not very complicated, but can still take years to settle. No matter how long your case will take to settle, Uplift can help you out with cash advances for your lawsuit funding. If for some reason you lose your motorcycle accident case, you don’t pay us a dime back. It’s that easy. Call Uplift Legal Funding today to qualify for lawsuit cash advance funding.

    Compared to cars, motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to be involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Often, other motorists will not see a motorcycle and accidentally hit them. Unfortunately, even with safety equipment, motorcycle accidents can be very serious.

    Here are some cases Uplift sees in the United States:

    Getting Approved for Motorcycle Accident Settlement Lawsuit Loans

    We make motorcycle accident settlement lawsuit loans easy with lawsuit cash advances. Once you’ve applied our case manager will consult your attorney and decide if we can approve your pre-settlement legal funding case. We will let you know the cash advance amount you qualify for.

    Once motorcycle accident settlement loans are approved, we fund your case in 24 hours or less. We can deliver cash advance funds via wire, direct deposit (major banks) , MoneyGram, Western Union, or next-day air (check). You do not need a bank account.

    The only real requirements to qualify for lawsuit cash advances are that you have a valid personal injury claim, and have hired an attorney to help you with the motorcycle accident settlement case, no credit check needed. If you’d like to learn more about legal funding for motorcycle accident settlement loans, visit our legal funding guide.

    At Uplift, we focus on the plaintiff first. Give us a call at (800) 385-3660 and or apply online and you’ll notice the Uplift difference today.

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