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    Car Accidents Caused by Speeding

    Uplift Legal Funding provides car accident loans to plaintiffs in need. If you’re facing early settlement pressure, apply online or give us a call anytime at (800) 385-3660.

    The faster you drive, the less control you have of your vehicle. While this may seem obvious to some, speedy driving accounted for 9,262 deaths back in 2014. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), speeding is a major factor in approximately a third of all traffic fatalities. It also plays a major role in serious injuries caused by car accidents. It poses a danger not only to the driver but to others on the road as well. Read the following article to learn about the common causes of speeding and preventative measures that can save a life.

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    National statistics and fatality

    According to the NHTSA, in 2012 there were 33,561 total car accident fatalities. Of those accidents, 10,219 were speeding-related fatalities.

    Between 2011 and 2012 speeding-related fatalities increased 2%. From 10,001 to 10,219.

    Males are more likely to speed than females in 2012. Of the fatal crashes, 42 percent of the drivers had been under the influence of alcohol.

    People between the ages of 15-24 accounted for a total of 74% of all fatal crashes in 2012. 60% of all speeding accidents took place between midnight and 3 AM.

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    Contributors to speedy driving

    Common causes of speeding include traffic, a driver’s lateness, and anonymity. Anonymity refers to a driver’s sense of power and detachment when in a vehicle, which can lead to negligence and more reckless behavior. These causes are easily preventable, and it is important to put safety above all else.

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    Preventative Measures

    Below are some preventative measures that can be taken to avoid speeding.

    • Avoid lateness – leave your starting point early
    • Remember – make safety a priority
    • Report – if you see reckless driving occur, report it
    • Accommodate – for rainy or snowy weather conditions, and be extra cautious. During these instances, go slower than the posted speed limit
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    Speeding and personal injury cases

    If you suffer injury as the result of a car accident caused by speeding, look into filing a claim. All drivers should be aware that the downfalls of speeding include a higher chance of crashing and an increased risk of injury. This makes it fairly easy to prove that the defendant acted in a negligent fashion.

    As the plaintiff, it is important to note any evidence that can be used to prove the defendant’s negligence. If you suspect that the driver was speeding, the following bullet points can serve as potential supporting evidence in your claim.

    • Vehicle Damage – if your vehicle suffered excessive damage, that could indicate the driver was speeding. The higher the speed of travel, the greater the impact of the collision
    • Eyewitness Reports – were there any eyewitnesses? What did they see? Be sure to cover all of your bases
    • Police Report – always be sure to obtain a police report! This will confirm what officers found at the scene and any other observations that could prove valuable

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    These testimonials are from real, satisfied customers that we reached out to after they left positive reviews of Uplift Legal Funding online. They were compensated for the use of their name, likeness, and the honest reviews of our services that you see above.

    Teen speeding

    Teen speeding is an issue people have to look out for. Teens between the age of 15-20 account for 37% of all fatal speeding accidents.

    A study conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia states that not all teen speeding is due to them wanting to take risks. It is generally a lack of experience and driving skills that causes them to speed.

    Teens are more likely to give less headway between cars, as well as speed during the daylight. This is why it is important to teach teens proper driving techniques when they are learning.

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    Speeding accident cash advance FAQs

    We have detailed some commonly asked questions about speeding accident lawsuit loans. If you are still curious about how legal funding works, you may visit our page. Likewise, if you want a more comprehensive guide on pre-settlement funding, you can visit us here.

    What can I use lawsuit loans for?

    Unlike some types of loans, with a cash advance from Uplift, you can use the lawsuit funding for whatever you see fit.

    You can use the pre-settlement funding to pay for:

    • groceries
    • rent
    • college tuition
    • mortgage
    • medical bills and more

    The purpose of our legal funding is to give you financial relief while you are in the midst of your speeding accident personal injury case.

    The best part of lawsuit funding is you don’t have to spend it. You can receive a cash advance from us and put it directly in the bank. Just so you can have peace of mind that you have money if you need it.

    What happens if my settlement is smaller than my speeding accident lawsuit loan?

    If for whatever reason, your settlement is a smaller amount than what you took out in lawsuit funding, you do not have to pay the full amount back.

    At Uplift we want our cash advance to help you. Therefore if you are forced to settle for less than what your case was worth, we understand. We will work with you to set an amount for you to pay back that is proportional to the settlement you received.

    We never want our lawsuit funding to cause you to go into debt or financial stress, so we will always do our best to aid you in any way we can.

    How to find the best speeding accident lawsuit loan

    There are many benefits to getting legal funding. However, if you are not in the industry or an attorney, it may be difficult for you to know what to look for in a company.

    There are a few key aspects you’ll want to look out for when deciding where to apply for a cash advance:

    • Rates – a lawsuit funding company should be open and clear about what rates they charge
    • Terms of repayment – while generally, lawsuit funding companies have repayment contingent on the success of your case, you’ll want to make sure the company you are looking at displays this information clearly
    • Accessibility – Check reviews online and call yourself, make sure the company is responsive and easily accessible
    • Employees – with legal funding the customer completely comes first. If a company has rude employees, it may be best to look elsewhere

    Legal Funding for Speeding Car Accident Cases

    If you were injured as a result of a speedy driver, Uplift Legal Funding can help you get the justice you deserve. At Uplift, we’re on the plaintiff’s side. We can provide necessary speeding car accident loans for you throughout your case. Apply online or give us a call anytime at (800) 385-3660.

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