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Despite the efforts of countless groups like MADD spreading awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, it remains common. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 10,265 people died as a result of alcohol related car accidents, which accounts for 29% of all United States automotive deaths. Every single one of these accidents is avoidable.

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Drunk driving accidents often involve clear liability and high settlement values. Therefore, our review for drunk driving auto accident loans is quick and easy.

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Drunk Driving and Personal Injury

If you’re involved in an accident, finding out if the other party is intoxicated can help your case. Having the police cite the other driver is important. This can help negotiations and in court if your case goes to trial.

When you approach a driver, try to smell for alcohol. If a driver is chewing gum, using breath spray or mints, they may be trying to obscure the fact that they are intoxicated. Mention anything suspicious to police on-scene.

Drunk driving accidents often involves higher settlement values, and can bring in other defendants, such as the bar or liquor store that served the driver.

Prevention of Drunk Driving Car Accidents

Large-scale prevention

Prevention of these accidents is tough. Firstly, it’s important to understand who is at risk for drunk driving. First and foremost are young people aged 21 – 24, who account for 30% of all drunk driving crashes. Persons aged 25 – 34 make up for another 50%. It is important to start early, advising teens beginning to drive of the risks of drunk driving.

Education is important. While the legal limit is 0.08%, a person at 0.02% is always going to be at higher risk of accident than someone who has had none. In large cities, the advent of Uber and Lyft has really left people with no excuse. If you plan on drinking, don’t drive. It’s really that simple.

The second group of people most likely to drive drunk are previous offenders. Ignition interlock devices can help, even with first-time offenders. Counseling and alcohol abuse courses can be extremely helpful for these drivers.

Day-to-day prevention

Before drinking, choose a non-drinker as a designated driver for the evening.

Don’t let friends drive drunk. If you think someone is at risk of doing so, take their keys away. They will thank you later.

Most bars will let you leave your car in their lot overnight, some even reward you for it.

If you host a party, especially one with young people, take keys and hand them back out to sober drivers at the end of the party.

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