Laceration Injury Lawsuits & Pre-Settlement Loans

A laceration is a wound that is produced by the tearing of soft body tissue. They are most common in car accidents, slip and fall cases, assault and battery, and dog bites. There are four main types of lacerations which include;

  • Superficial – affects only the skin and there is no penetration into the blood vessels
  • Deep Laceration – affects all the layers of the skin
  • Clean Laceration –  A laceration in which no dirt or other type of contamination is present
  • Complicated Laceration – Lacerations that affect underlying tissue

Uplift Legal Funding now offers pre-settlement loans for most laceration injuries. Being involved in an accident can be traumatizing for you and your loved ones. Most often you will be hospitalized for months until fully recovered. In addition to your laceration injuries your lawsuit can be tough to manage as well. Insurance companies are able to prolong cases depleting you of your money and time. Your pre settlement funding can be used to offset many of the expenses you will have during your case including medical and personal.

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Qualifying For A Pre-Settlement Loan With Uplift Legal Funding

There are many factors that will affect your loan status. The extent of damages you sustain is a significant factor in determining your future potential for funding.  In addition, there are mandatory requirements for lawsuit loans. Most importantly you need to have some sort of laceration injuries, and you need to have an active lawsuit with an attorney who represents you.

Untreated or poorly treated laceration can pose life threatening injuries. Some of the most common complications and side effects from lacerations include:

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Information & Statistics For Laceration Injuries

The most common symptom of laceration is bleeding, swelling, and bruising. It is very important to seek medical assistance when involved in an accident that results in lacerations. Some of the most common methods of treatment of lacerations include;

  • Wound irrigation and cleaning – removes debris and excessive discharge, and decreases the possibility of infection.
  • Laceration repair – depending on how deep the laceration repair may include repairing of muscle and closing of skin with stitches.
  • Pain medications – lacerations can be very painful and often doctors will prescribe medication.
  • Antibiotics – In order to continue preventing the possibility of infection, antibiotics may be prescribed.

Every year, roughly 30% of all workplace injuries involve cuts or lacerations from scratches and abrasions to needle-sticks, puncture wounds, and amputations. Health and Safety Magazine suggest the following reasons why lacerations occur within the workplace.

  • Improper training
  • Lack of safety procedures
  • Employees rushing or taking shortcuts
  • Failure to wear proper hand protection

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