2023’s Most Googled Legal Questions

Drawing from an extensive database of over 8,000 legal search queries, we’ve constructed a map that vividly illustrates the most searched legal questions across the United States. Below you’ll find this topical map, accompanied by intriguing statistics shedding light on America’s current legal concerns.

As Uplift Legal Funding unveils its latest study, a tapestry of the nation’s legal curiosities comes into view. The map laid out here presents a clear visual of the legal topics that Americans are most actively researching. In Texas, the frequency of searches for abortion-related information speaks to the state’s intense engagement with this contentious issue. Meanwhile, Colorado’s queries about marijuana hint at a populace keenly interested in the ramifications of its legal status. This map, a result of meticulous research, encapsulates the pressing legal questions on the minds of Americans, reflecting the diverse concerns across the states in 2023.

The Most Searched Questions in the U.S.

In the ever-evolving legal climate of the U.S., citizens are turning to search engines for guidance on a variety of issues. The list below represents the most frequent legal inquiries, highlighting the subjects that are drawing the nation’s attention and reflecting the current state of American concerns.

Most Searched Question by Category

Here’s a snapshot of what Americans are asking the most when it comes to the law. Each bullet point breaks down the top legal questions for important topics like marriage, property, and more—giving you a clear picture of the legal issues people care about in 2023.

  • The most searched in Indictments: what does indictment mean
  • The most searched in Intellectual Property: how to trademark a name
  • The most searched in Marriage: what is a prenup
  • The most searched in Divorce: what is alimony
  • The most searched in Estates: what is probate
  • The most searched in Criminal Law: what is a felony
  • The most searched in Marijuana: states where weed is legal
  • The most searched in Abortion: states where abortion is legal
  • The most searched in Prostitution: where is prostitution legal
  • The most searched in Power of Attorney: how to get power of attorney

Fascinating Takeaways

  1. Indictments were the most searched category on Google. 

This surge could be attributed to a series of high-profile cases capturing national attention or a growing public interest in the intricacies of criminal proceedings. The data suggests that Americans are not only following these cases with keen interest but are also actively educating themselves on the legal processes involved.

  1. Marriage and divorce was the second most searched category in the United States.

The data indicates regions like Texas and Florida are particularly invested in these topics, potentially reflecting the social dynamics and legislative changes impacting marital and divorce laws. The search intensity in these areas may also mirror the cultural attitudes toward marriage and the procedural complexities of divorce.

  1. Top legal searches reveal nationwide concerns. The leading search categories collectively paint a picture of a nation deeply invested in navigating personal liberties, societal justice, and economic stability, encapsulating the diverse and complex concerns shaping America in 2023.

How We Collected the Data

To curate the definitive list of the most searched legal questions in the United States, we initiated the process by partitioning our expansive keyword database, filtering out non-legal queries from a collection of millions. Applying a refined set of criteria, we discarded terms that saw minimal attention over the past year. This process distilled our dataset to approximately 8,000 legal-centric search terms. These were then processed through our search volume analysis tool—a trusted resource for leading organizations from top law firms to renowned media outlets. The final step involved ranking these queries to reveal the legal concerns that dominated search engines across the nation.

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