Brake Failure Accident Loans

Uplift Legal Funding happily provides brake failure lawsuit loans to plaintiffs involved with pending car accident claims.

Brake failure is a scary thing. It occurs when a vehicle’s brakes stop functioning. There are various causes, which include rusty machinery, air pressure, loss of brake fluid pressure, etc. Read this article to learn preventative measures that can be taken to avoid brake failure, as well as lawsuit information if you fall victim to failed brakes.

Legal Funding for Your Brake Failure Lawsuit

Because brake failure has more potential defendants, including the manufacturer, mechanic, etc., a stronger case can be taken to trial. The stronger the case, the larger potential for legal funding. Even if your car was the cause of the accident, if brake failure contributed, you might have a strong case and be able to get brake failure legal funding funding.

At Uplift Legal Funding, we are always on the plaintiff’s side. Do you believe you have a strong case? Apply online or give us a call today at (800) 385-3660 to get started.

How to Prevent Brake Failure

Safety first. Following these steps will lessen your chances of experiencing brake failure.

  • Be sure to take your car in for regular maintenance. While at the mechanic, have someone certified take a look at the brake system. They will know what worn parts need to be replaced and what else needs to be checked.
  • Be aware of the warning signs of failed brakes. These include squealing or grinding noises, delayed stopping of vehicle, pulsing brakes, etc.

Brake Failure and Personal Injury

When it comes to brake failure and personal injury claims, there are multiple possibilities. It is most common that the case is either deemed a product liability case or driver negligence case. Let’s discuss what these mean.

Product liability refers to the responsibility of a manufacturer to create a safe product for the consumer. If the product proves to be hazardous, the manufacturer is held responsible and must cover any damages. In the case of brake failure, the plaintiff must prove that the brakes were defective and ultimately caused the accident and injuries. This can be proven by providing evidence that shows the car was either poorly made or was made in conjunction with other cars with the same issue.

If, however, brake failure results from an otherwise fixable issue or failure to maintain the vehicle, the driver is held accountable. It is up to the driver to take his or her car in for regular maintenance and ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive before taking it out on the road. It is possible to file a claim against a mechanic for causing faulty brakes. Just be sure to ask for legal assistance and back any claim up with evidence.

Because of higher settlement values associated with brake failure cases, brake failure lawsuit loans can often be higher dollar value than regular car accident loans. Give us a call at at (800) 385-3660 to learn more.