Defective Tire Accident Lawsuit Loans

Most people don’t realize that tires can actually expire. Like anything else on your vehicle, they require upkeep and replacement. Defective tires can lead to severe accidents and injuries. If you suffered injuries as the result of defective tires, read this article to learn more defective tire accident lawsuit loans.

Lawsuit Loans for Defective Tire Accidents

The possibility of multiple defendants can make your case stronger. If brake failure is due to manufacture defect, you may have a case against the manufacturer even if your car caused the accident. Typically, a product liability component to an injury case can increase settlement value and therefore lawsuit loan amount.

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Types of Defective Tires

First, let’s discuss the common types of defective tires. This can help when determining who is responsible.

  • Old tires. The older the tire is, the more rubber degradation occurs. Manufacturers should know not to sell old tires. If they do, they should be held liable.
  • Tire blowouts caused by sidewall failure.
  • Tread separation, often caused by a manufacturing defect or design.

Defective Tires and Personal Injury Claims

Did you suffer injuries as the result of defective tires? When you file a claim, the first important factor to determine is who is responsible for the defection and ultimately your injuries. Think about the above types of defective tires to help trace the blame back to the defendant. Was it a manufacturing error or a design error? This will determine where the blame gets placed.