Intersection Accident Lawsuit Loans

Uplift provides intersection accident lawsuit loans on all types of auto accidents. Intersection crashes are common and result from a wealth of factors. Often, liability is fairly clear from witness statements or a traffic accident report, but in certain cases it can be tough to sort out who had right of way.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, intersection accidents most often result from two categories: recognition error and decision error.

Pre-Approved Intersection Accident Legal Funding

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Avoiding Intersection Accidents

Thankfully, most of the causes of intersection accidents are avoidable, and you can protect yourself from other drivers. Always slow down and look both ways before entering an intersection. Be sure to double-check the light and for pedestrians and other vehicles. Don’t turn on red if you don’t have a clear view of all oncoming traffic.

Never base your actions on what you think someone else will do and, in general, slow down through intersections.

Recognition error

The most common cause of these crashes, recognition error is a broad term that includes the following factors:

  • Inadequate surveillance (didn’t see or notice a sign or light)
  • Internal distraction (texting and driving, changing the radio station, etc.)
  • Inattention
  • External distraction (rubbernecking, etc.)

Decision error

Most other intersection crashes are the result of decision errors such as:

  • False assumptions of other drivers’ actions
  • Illegal maneuvers (running a red light)
  • Speed misjudgment
  • Fast or reckless driving
  • Obstructed view turns