Explosion and Electrocution FELA Lawsuits

Thousands of railroad workers suffer from injury or death every year due to electrocution and explosions. Railroad workers are often exposed to dangerous work conditions due to negligence, which leaves them and their families entitled to compensation for an injury or wrongful death. Continue reading this blog to learn more about these types of workplace accidents and FELA lawsuits.

Severe Injury FELA Lawsuits

FELA lawsuits involving serious injury from fire, explosions, or electrocutions would likely result in a very large recovery.

Even though liability (who’s at fault) may be very clear, it can take years to reach a settlement, given you will likely need to reach a maximum point of medical improvement before your lawyer will seek to settle the case for a fair value.

Often, this leaves a plaintiff out of work and running low on savings. FELA lawsuit loans can help plaintiffs last long enough for their attorneys to negotiate a fair settlement,

Causes of Railway Explosions

There are various types of explosions that could occur on a railroad work site. They include the following:

  • Boiler explosion – This is due to the catastrophic failure of a boiler.
    • Boiler failure is caused by the failure of the pressure parts of the steam and watersides, the failure of the safety valve, corrosion of critical parts of the boiler, or low water level.
    • Frequent causes of these failures are poor operator training, which results in the mishandling of the boiler. Boilers are also likely to explode due to defective products, bad workmanship, and mismanagement.
    • While all boiler explosions pose a threat, locomotive-type boiler explosions are particularly dangerous because they can explode even at normal working pressure. That is what the top of the firebox must be covered with water at all times. Railroad engines are not the only ones susceptible to these types of explosions. Other engines that use locomotive-type boilers include traction engines, portable engines, skid engines used for mining or logging, and stationary engines for sawmills and factories. Regardless of its use, it is necessary to make sure these boilers maintain the proper water level for safe operation.
    • Note: The railroad’s failure to maintain, repair or inspect a boiler qualifies you for a FELA lawsuit and legal funding from Uplift.
  • Firebox explosions – This describes a fuel/ air explosion in the furnace, typically occurring after a burner flameout.
    • Fuel such as oil fumes, natural gas, propane, or coal can build up inside the combustion chamber. If the vessel is hot, the fuels will quickly volatilize. Any source of ignition will cause an explosion.
  • Reactor explosions – A water heater contains a significant amount of energy. An explosion can occur in the event of localized superheating, in which the steam created exceeds the strength of the vessel.

Causes of Railroad Worker Electrocutions

Electrocution often results in serious injury due to electricity flowing through the body. These injuries range from minor burns to death. Railroad electrocutions can occur due to the following:

  • Exposure to electrical wiring when aboard a train or in a rail yard
  • Contact with high-voltage power lines and power line explosions

Again, if these conditions were due to the negligence of the railroad, you may qualify for a FELA lawsuit.

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