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Lipitor is a drug that lowers LDL levels (bad cholesterol) while raising HDL levels (good cholesterol). In so doing, the drug aims to treat high cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other heart-related problems. Patients include those suffering from coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and more. Although this drug means well, there are certain risks and side effects associated with it. Continue reading this article to learn about Lipitor lawsuits and Lipitor lawsuit loans.

Lipitor Symptoms and Side Effects

It is becoming more and more apparent that there are dangers associated with statins (drugs meant to treat high cholesterol). Reports link statins to Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, blood clots and other dangerous conditions. While the FDA has responded by requiring these drug manufacturers to put a warning label on the bottles, many still feel like there aren’t sufficient warnings against Lipitor’s connection with type 2 diabetes.

It is alleged that Lipitor can cause the following side-effects:

  • Blindness
  • Frequent Infections
  • Tingling and Numbness in Hands or Feet
  • Bruising
  • Fatigue and Irritability
  • Unusual Thirst, Hunger, or Weight Loss
  • Frequent Urination

By failing to provide the public with a warning about the connection between the use of Lipitor and type 2 diabetes, the drug manufacturers are putting the consumer at risk. This negligence and breach of duty of care have led to many lawsuits and claims against the drug manufacturers.

Past Lipitor Settlements

Since the 1990s, the statin drug makers have been under public scrutiny for the dangers associated with the drug. Thousands of people report experiencing painful and dangerous side effects caused by Lipitor. One of the most dangerous symptoms that people have experienced is blood clotting in the legs and pelvis.

The Lipitor multidistrict litigation (MDL) has about 3,000 lawsuits. Because Lipitor is a top-selling drug, there is potential for millions of more plaintiffs. Plaintiffs generally claim that the statin drug company Pfizer knew about these dangers but failed to let the public know. Pfizer is facing charges of criminal negligence, false advertising, concealment of information, and the misrepresentation of their product.

Lipitor Lawsuits and Lawsuit Loans

The injured party (or plaintiff) must provide valid and solid evidence to win their case. In addition to affecting the outcome, solid evidence can affect the settlement as well. The stronger the evidence, the higher the settlement. Because Lipitor-related injuries and treatments are expensive, it is crucial for a Lipitor plaintiff to fight for the highest amount possible in order to cover the damages. Damages include medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Like other defective pharmaceutical drugs, Lipitor claims will be pursued and settled en mass. This means that it may take a very long time for most plaintiffs to receive settlements as attorneys on both sides will want to try individual test cases.

Uplift Legal Funding does not currently fund Lipitor claims. We will update this page in the future as the progress of the claim.

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