When it comes to personal injury, the earlier the treatment, the better the case

Car accidents happen everyday, and oftentimes victims leave the scene and don’t bother to seek medical attention. However, it is crucial that you seek medical attention, even if you don’t feel an injury immediately. Sometimes, accidents result in delayed injuries but require medical attention nonetheless. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the importance of seeing a doctor after a car accident.

Why Seeing a Doctor is Necessary

The following reasons are why it is essential for you to see a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident:

  • It is a health risk – A medical professional is qualified to examine you and determine if you are injured or not. Instead of shaking it off and assuming you are fine, it is best to get an expert’s opinion.
  • Getting fully compensated for your accident injuries – When you fail to seek medical attention within 72 hours of the accident, you are drastically reducing the amount of money that the negligent driver’s  insurance company will provide you. There are now software programs that insurance adjusters use to determine the settlement amount. It is difficult to change that amount once the information has already been plugged in. To give the insurance adjuster the most accurate information, you must provide them with up-to-date medical records.

Treating Your Injuries After a Car Accident

To see a physician within 72 hours of your accident, do any one of the following:

  • Call an ambulance – if you feel injured, even slightly, it’s important to take an ambulance to the hospital. Aside from the health benefits, this will serve as the first data point for your injuries, and can help show that your injuries came from this accident and not another.
  • Visit an Urgent Care facility – If you can’t get a last-minute appointment with your regular doctor, visit an Urgent Care facility.
  • Contact your family physician – Let them know you have been in a car accident and need to schedule an appointment immediately.
  • Visit a chiropractor – This is another option. Insurance company software programs recognize a chiropractor as a physician. They perform the same routine procedures as your regular doctor. Even when visiting a chiropractor, you will still fulfill the 72 hour rule.

When seeking medical attention, it is important that your doctor take down your history, perform an examination and document everything. This information is crucial to receiving the highest compensation possible.

Car Accident Loans and Medical Treatment

Medical records are important in determining your compensation amount as well as car accident loans eligibility. The compensation won from a car accident lawsuit covers the plaintiff’s past and future medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering.

However, the plaintiff is often left with the financial burden until settlement arrives. And it is fairly common for the legal process to take awhile. Lawyers must obtain adequate witness statements conduct research and provide valid proof of negligence.

Legal funding and cash advances can help. To qualify for legal funding and cash advances, make sure you have the following documentation:

  • Medical records that show your injuries and any surgeries that you have had
  • Information and statements that prove you were not at fault for the accident (in the form of witness statements, photo and video, etc.)
  • A confirmation of insurance information
  • Court documents

Uplift Legal Funding

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