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Uplift Legal Funding is happy to provide Jacksonville lawsuit loans to personal injury plaintiffs. We fund cases nationally and our underwriters are experienced with a number of different locations.

It is important to note that not all states have the same rules and regulations when it comes to filing a claim. That is why it is so important to have an underwriter who is familiar with and experienced in your given area. An underwriter who is experienced with the particular negligence laws and standards of your state will not only understand the specific risks associated with your case, but can offer you the best rate.

Jacksonville Lawsuits

Car accidents account for the most personal injury cases in Jacksonville. This is in part due to the difficult driving conditions the city faces, such as road construction, bridges and heavy traffic. In addition to these hazards, the truck industry is buzzing in Jacksonville – which increases the chances of getting in a serious car accident that results in injury or even death.

With so many personal injury lawsuits being filed, it is safe to assume that many of these plaintiffs were not financially well off. In personal injury cases especially, many plaintiffs find themselves out of work due to their injuries. On top of lost wages, a plaintiff’s medical expenses can be high as well. Unfortunately, the financial burden many plaintiffs face happens regularly.

Jacksonville Car Accidents

According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, there are more than 200,000 traffic accidents a year in Jacksonville.

Unfortunately, people can prevent most of these injuries. Drunk driving accounts for a high number of fatal accidents in Jacksonville. In fact, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that over 17,000 car accidents involved alcohol in 2010.

Specifically looking at Duval County, there were a total of 14,116 traffic accidents in 2004. Here is the breakdown of the causes of those accidents and the number of injuries/ fatalities as a result:

  • Alcohol Related Traffic Accidents – 1,245
  • Traffic Fatalities – 131
  • Alcohol Related Fatalities – 49
  • Injuries in Traffic Accidents – 10,455
  • Alcohol Related Injuries – 847
  • Motorcycle Fatalities – 15
  • Bicycle Fatalities – 6
  • Bicycle Injuries – 230
  • Pedestrian Fatalities – 31
  • Pedestrian Injuries – 329

These shocking statistics help put into perspective the fact that serious car accidents can occur to anyone. It is so important to educate yourself on the laws and regulations in your county. However, being knowledgeable and engaging in safe driving practices does not protect you from other negligent drivers. If you get into an accident with a negligent driver, file a claim to seek compensation to cover your damages. Just keep in mind that until compensation arrives, the legal process can be long and expensive. That is where Uplift Legal Funding can help.

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