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It is important to have an underwriter who is familiar with and experienced in your given area. An underwriter who knows the particularities of a state’s negligent laws and standards will not only understand the specific risks associated with your lawsuit, but can offer you the best rate.

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Miami has a hustle and bustle lifestyle. However, this exciting and alluring quality has some downfalls. Statistics show that Miami-Dade County is one of the most dangerous counties in Florida for driving. It is important that you educate yourself about these statistics and practice essential safety precautions when behind the wheel.

Miami Car Accidents Statistics

While Uplift Legal Funding funds all kinds of personal injury loans, we specialize in car accident lawsuit loans.

According to a Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) study, in the early 2000s:

  • About one out of six Florida auto accidents occur in Miami.
  • Miami has over 50,000 accidents per year. That is over 4,000 accidents per month.
  • Miami-Dade County alone has about 300 traffic-related fatalities per year.

During the final year of the same study, statistics showed that over 20 percent of fatal car accidents were caused by alcohol. What is more disturbing is that alcohol-related car accidents only make up for 5 percent of Miami car accidents. DUIs significantly increase the chance that an accident will result in serious injury or fatality.

The Miami-Dade Police website offers live information on auto accidents 24 hours per day. These numbers show that crashes most often occur when the roads are busiest (during rush hour). For example, on January 22, 2016, it was reported that:

  • Over 30 crashes occurred between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m.
  • Over 15 crashes occurred between 12 noon and 1 p.m.

The rate of collisions during those times equate to one crash every four minutes.

These statistics show that serious car accidents can occur to anyone, which is why it is important to educate yourself on the specific laws and regulations in your county.  Unfortunately, engaging in safe driving practices does not save you from other negligent drivers. If you get into a car accident and were not at fault, file a claim to seek compensation to cover your damages.

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The legal process for any injury case can be long and expensive. Especially in personal injury cases, many plaintiffs find themselves out of work due to their injuries. On top of lost wages, a plaintiff’s medical expenses can take a toll as well. The financial burden many plaintiffs face, while unfortunate, happens regularly. That is where Uplift Legal Funding steps in.

If you or a loved one is suffering from injuries or loss caused by a negligent driver, file a claim to seek the compensation you deserve. Uplift Legal Funding has experience funding cases for plaintiffs nationwide. Apply online or call us today at (800) 385-3660 to learn more.