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What To Do After A Car Accident

First Steps Following a Car Accident

Experiencing a car crash can be unexpected and shocking. It’s important to take the right steps immediately after to protect yourself both legally and medically. First, ensure your safety and that of others by moving out of traffic, if you can. Dial 911 instantly, even for minor incidents, as a legal record may be necessary later.

You should then communicate with other drivers involved, taking note of their contact information and insurance details. It’s also crucial to gather evidence at the scene. This includes photos, witness information, and remembering key details.

Another critical step is to seek medical attention promptly, even if you don’t feel hurt. Injuries from car accidents can show up days or even weeks later.

Visit a Doctor

Visiting a doctor is crucial, even if you do not experience immediate symptoms. Sometimes injuries are delayed after an accident. You should leave it up to a medical professional to determine if you require treatment. Symptoms that may arise days after the incident include:

  • Headaches – This could be a sign of a concussion, brain injury, whiplash, neck injury or even blood clot.
  • Neck or shoulder pain – This pain is a sign of whiplash, but could also be caused by a spinal injury.
  • Back pain – This pain, especially if it is felt in the lower back, also points to whiplash. It could also be a symptom of a sprain, herniated disc, muscle damage or other soft-tissue injury.
  • Tingling or numbness – If this is experienced along with back pain, it could point to pinched nerves. You may also experience weak limbs and pain.
  • Abdominal pain – This pain could mean serious injury, such as internal bleeding and soft-tissue injuries. If you experience this after an accident, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention. Be sure to look out for other signs of internal bleeding, such as headaches, dizziness and bruising.
  • PTSD or emotional pain and suffering – Intense accidents often lead to depression, anxiety and PTSD. Emotional pain and changes in personality can also be brought on by disabilities caused by the accident or even brain injuries.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is important to seek medical help and look into filing a claim. Not only is visiting a doctor important for your health, it is also crucial if you file a personal injury claim. Medical records strengthen your case and can significantly increase your settlement amount.

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Take and Keep the Proper Documentation

Proper documentation serves as solid evidence to support your case. Immediately after the accident, try to retrieve the following:

  • Insurance and driver information – the first thing you should retrieve after an accident is the opposing driver’s insurance information and identity. Write down the details, or take a picture of their drivers license and insurance card. Also take a picture of their license plate.
  • Witness statements – It is important to obtain any available witness statements that describe what occurred and how the defendant’s negligence resulted in the accident that caused your injury. Be sure to get each witness to sign their statement.
  • Photos or videos – Immediately after the incident, be sure to obtain photos and videos. These will serve as solid proof of the accident and injury. Take several shots of the car damage, from every angle. Also, it is important to take pictures of the location. Include street signs, stop signs, traffic lights, etc.
  • Traffic accident report that shows fault – for any injury accident, its important to have police come and write a report.

As your case progresses, its important to keep good records of the following (your attorney will help here):

  • Medical reports – This includes notes on your injuries and any surgeries you may have had (usually provided by your doctor), doctor correspondence, a journal describing any pain and inconvenience caused by the injury, medical bills and receipts.
  • Financial loss – This includes proof of lost wages and opportunities.

What Not To Do

Now that you are aware of the proper steps to take, follow these guidelines on what NOT to do:

  • Don’t take the blame – Even if you think you were at fault, don’t tell that to the other party, witnesses or insurance company. Doing so might affect your claim.
  • Don’t sign release forms too soon – Essentially, this form ends any current lawsuit and all future claims. This means that if you experience delayed injury and have already signed the release of liability, you could lose out on compensation for your injuries.
  • Don’t settle too soon – Wait until you have had a full medical checkup and your injuries have healed as much as they are going to. This helps both sides get a better picture of total medical costs, which will should be covered by your settlement.
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Car Accident Loans

Taking the proper steps after an accident and providing proper documentation increases the value of your case. The more valuable a case, the higher chance of a larger settlement for the plaintiff. The compensation won from a car accident lawsuit covers the plaintiff’s past and future medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, the plaintiff is often left with the financial burden until settlement arrives. And to make matters worse, the legal process can take awhile. Lawyers must obtain adequate witness statements, conduct research and provide valid proof of negligence. Car accident loans can help plaintiffs bridge the gap between injury and settlement.

Uplift Legal Funding

If you or a loved one is experiencing injuries as a result of a car accident, Uplift Legal Funding can help. Auto accident loans help cover medical costs, lost wages and other life expenses before settlement. Apply online or give us a call at (800) 385-3660.

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