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    Uplift Legal Funding is proud to offer funding as soon as the same day you apply. Here’s how we do it:

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    Low, Simple Rates for Car Accident Lawsuit Loans in Tennessee

    If you’re a Tennessee resident with a car accident lawsuit, you’d be glad to know about the low rates Uplift Legal Funding offers. As well as their easy-to-understand terms on both pre-settlement and post-settlement loans. Uplift Legal Funding sets the bar high by offering approval and funding the very same day you apply, making us stand out among other companies in the industry.

    Getting involved in a car accident can be distressing, affecting both your physical health and financial status. That’s where Uplift Legal Funding steps in, ready to provide the financial aid plaintiffs need while waiting for their lawsuit to resolve. To learn more, visit Uplift Legal Funding or call our toll-free number at (800) 385-3660.

    Apply in just a minute by visiting Uplift Legal Funding application.

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    Do I Qualify for a Car Accident Loan in Tennessee?

    If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Tennessee and are pursuing a legal claim, you may be wondering if you’re eligible for a car accident loan. Not everyone will qualify, but the main requirements are straightforward.

    The most critical prerequisite of legal funding is having a legitimate claim. This means that you must be a plaintiff with a valid lawsuit against an insured party. It’s not enough to simply have been involved in an accident; there must be a clear case proving that the other party was at fault and has insurance coverage.

    Furthermore, you must have already hired an attorney on a contingency basis. This means that your lawyer only gets paid if you win your case. This serves as a reassurance to lending companies, like Uplift Legal Funding, that you’re serious about your legal claim and that it’s likely to result in compensation.

    Finally, understand that car accident loans are not like typical loans. They’re designed to provide financial support while you wait for the resolution of your claim, rather than being a long-term solution.

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    How do Loans for a Car Accident Work in Tennessee

    Car accident loans, also known as pre-settlement funding or legal funding can be a lifesaver for many plaintiffs in Tennessee. If you are involved in a car crash and have filed a personal injury claim, it might take a while before your case reaches a settlement. For such cases, Uplift Legal Funding provides financial support while you wait for your lawsuit to get resolved. The process to secure an auto accident loan is straightforward and can be achieved in three easy steps.

    1. Begin the Application Process

    Start by either applying online at our application page or giving us a call on our toll free number (800) 385-3660l. You’ll need to provide some basic information regarding your case, including details about your car accident and personal injury claim.

    2. Case Review

    After your application is received, our team at Uplift Legal Funding will reach out to your attorney to assess your case. We will work with your attorney to gather all the necessary documents and evidence required to make an informed decision about your funding request.

    3. Loan Disbursement

    Once approved, we will send you a contract detailing the terms of our financial agreement. After you return the signed contract, Uplift will release the fund to you within 24 hours. This money is yours to use as you see fit while awaiting your court proceedings.

    Why Choose Uplift

    Clients love our low rates, fast funding, and attentive service.

    24 Hour Funding

    24 Hour Funding

    Get $500 to $250,000+ as soon as today

    Low Rates

    Low, Simple Rates

    Simple, non-compounding rates that save you money on legal funding

    No Monthly Payments

    No Monthly Payments

    Only pay at settlement – if you lose your case, you pay back nothing



    Get the legal funding you need with the service and transparency you deserve

    What are the interest rates for car accident cash advances in Tennessee?

    When it comes to legal funding, costs can vary a great deal from one company to another. Some companies charge high interest rates that can make your cash advance more expensive than you’d like. However, Uplift Legal Funding strives to offer a more affordable solution; our interest rates start as low as 15%, simple semi-annual.

    This low rate means a real relief for those in need of cash advances after a car accident in Tennessee. To gain a clearer understanding of how much a loan might cost, take a look at our calculator at lawsuit loan calculator.

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    How Much Money Can I Get From my Car Accident Pre-Settlement Loan?

    Uplift Legal Funding offers lawsuit loans that can range from a small sum of $500 to a larger amount over $1,000,000. The approved amount is largely dependent on the value of your legal case. Uplift can provide funding between 10% – 15% of the expected case value. This means that depending on the details and strength of your case, the funds you can receive could be significantly high.

    Our Satisfied Customers

    Emily S testimonial avatar

    Emily S

    5 Star Customer Review

    I was going through a really tough financial situation. I contacted Uplift Legal Funding and they were so quick to help me. Within hours of asking for help, they deposited the money directly to my account. It means a lot when someone understands what you are going through and helps you right away.

    Jacob H testimonial avatar

    Jacob H

    5 Star Customer Review

    Uplift Legal Funding went above and beyond to ensure I didn’t lose everything. I was able to pay my bills and avoid the imminent threat of eviction. I wholeheartedly recommend Uplift Legal Funding. You have my eternal gratitude.

    Nicole P testimonial avatar

    Nicole P

    5 Star Customer Review

    Uplift Legal Funding is true to its word about its process. It really is as easy as the three steps – apply, sign a contract, & get the money. They make sure you get the money YOU need. I recommend Uplift Legal Funding 100%.

    These testimonials are from real, satisfied customers who posted positive reviews of Uplift Legal Funding online. They were compensated for the use of their name, likeness, and the honest reviews of our services that you see above.

    Why Choose Uplift Legal Funding for Tennessee Car Accident Loans?

    When you’re looking for car accident loans in Tennessee, Uplift Legal Funding is your best option. Why? We prioritize our clients first and foremost. Our goal is to provide the financial help you need while you wait for a resolution in your legal case. Rest assured, with Uplift Legal Funding, you’re getting top-tier client service and satisfaction.

    We don’t just offer loans, we build lasting relationships with our clients. It’s not just about providing funds, it’s also about offering support during a challenging time in your life. That’s why countless Tennesseans trust Uplift Legal Funding for their pre-settlement funding needs.

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      Does Uplift Legal Funding Directly Fund Cases in Tennessee?

      Uplift Legal Funding operates as a direct funder in many states. However, in Tennessee, we act as a broker and originate funding requests to a select group of funding partners.

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