Most insurance agents and state laws recognize minors as special risks in terms of driving.  In fact, civil statutes passed by most state legislatures hold the parents and guardians liable for their minor’s car accident. Continue reading this blog to learn more about teen car accident liability and car accident lawsuit loans.

Minor Accountability in Car Accidents

No matter if the driver is a 16 year-old driver with a new license or a NASCAR driver, all motorists are legally obligated to avoid foreseeable accidents. Every driver is held to the same standards. When getting behind the wheel, a driver has a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for all other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. A breach of this duty of care subjects the at-fault driver to liability for medical bills, wage loss and other losses of the injured party.

If the at-fault driver is under 18, most U.S. states have laws that hold the parent or guardian legally responsible. This is known as vicarious liability.

Vicarious Liability for Parents and Legal Guardians of Teen Drivers

Vicarious liability is a legal concept present in most states. It serves the purpose holding someone responsible for the actions or omissions of another person. When used in a workplace context, an employer is liable for the negligent acts of of its employees. This is only valid if the incident occurred during the time of their employment.

For young drivers, vicarious liability holds the parent or legal guardian responsible for a younger drivers negligence. Responsibility (while this may vary state by state) generally comes into effect at the following junctures:

  • at licensing, a parent or guardian signs off as the financially responsible party
  • when the teen causes an accident

If the parent or legal guardian does not have custody of the minor (or has no way of getting in touch with the minor), these vicarious liability laws may not apply to them. This is because they have no way of supervising or controlling the teen’s driving.

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