Pothole accidents can deadly for car and motorcycle drivers alike

Potholes are defined as openings in the road, caused by the pavement’s wear-and-tear. Road wear-and-tear occurs when the top layer of asphalt wears away and exposes the concrete beneath. Potholes come in various sizes and can be up to 10 inches deep and several feet wide. They act as a sort of trap for vehicles, and are one of the top causes of car accidents.

Potholes can cause expensive damage to your vehicle. The impact of driving over a pothole results in a serious strain on your car’s suspension and shocks. If the pothole is deep enough, driving over it can have a similar impact of a 35-mph car accident. Continue reading this blog for more information on pothole car accidents.

The Worst U.S. Urban-Area Roadways For Potholes

Shockingly, California has five major cities in the top seven worst U.S. city roadways for potholes. Because of that, it is essential that California residents are aware of the dangers of potholes.

Here is the top ten list of the most pothole-ridden cities:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Jose
  • Bay Area
  • Kansas City
  • New Orleans
  • San Diego
  • Sacramento
  • St. Louis
  • Omaha
  • New York City

Potholes Cause Motorcycle Accidents and Car Accidents Alike

If a pothole is really severe or a vehicle is not equipped to handle the impact, you can quickly lose control. Loss of control can lead to severe, and even sometimes fatal, accidents.

This does not just affect car drivers. Motorcycle drivers also face the risk of severe injury if they ride over a pothole. Motorcycles are smaller, lighter vehicles than cars which makes them especially ill-equipped when it comes to potholes.

Motorcycles also have fewer safety features than cars, making motorcycle accidents due to potholes very deadly. While cars and truck are at risk of getting into an auto accident after running over a pothole, the chances of a serious accident increases with motorcycles.

Tips For Reporting Potholes To State Highway Authority

  • Provide them with the exact location of the pothole.
  • Give a detailed account of the pothole. This includes length, width and depth.
  • Take note if you saw or heard rain water in the hole.
  • Find out if the hole is on the route of a bus, trolley or railway tracks.

Potholes are never expected and can arise out of nowhere. Make safe choices and never speed. If you do, it is likely that you will get into an accident if you drive over a pothole.

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