Quadriplegia Injury Lawsuit Loans

Quadriplegia results from brain and/ or spinal cord damage.  This injury prevents signal travel to and from the legs and arms, meaning that quadriplegics suffer from paralysis in all four limbs. This condition is also referred to as tetraplegia. Depending on the severity of the injury, the functionality of a quadriplegic varies from sensation loss (tingling feeling or reduced sensation) to a complete paralyzation of their arms and legs.

If you are suffering from quadriplegia and are in the midst of a lawsuit, quadriplegia injury lawsuit loans can help you with funds before settlement. Continue reading to learn why.

How Lawsuit Loans Help with Quadriplegia Cases

Let’s start off by discussing the common causes of quadriplegia. Like paraplegia, quadriplegia stems from brain injury or spine injury. The brain and spinal cord are responsible for sending and receiving signals that allow movement and feeling in different parts of the body. When the brain or spinal cord is somehow damaged, these signals cease to work properly and can result in loss of function. According to spinalcord.com, “250,000 Americans currently live with spinal cord injuries, with about 12,500 new cases each year.  A number of issues cause the remainder of injuries that lead to quadriplegia, though most such injuries are traumatic in nature.”

The common causes of spinal cord injuries are:

Quadriplegia is a major injury that can have life-altering effects, which means the medical treatment will be extensive. Because of extensive treatment associated with these injuries, attorneys often take time to settle. This is because attorneys like to see a plateau in recovery before determining ongoing medical expenses from your injury. While this can ensure that you receive full compensation, it can lead to a near-term cash-crunch.

Quadriplegia injury lawsuit loans can help you cover these expenses and allow you to last the whole trial, at which point your attorney will able to obtain the total estimated medical cost and use it to determine your deserved settlement amount.

Uplift Legal Funding

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