Long Beach Lawsuit Loans

Uplift Legal Funding is proud to offer Long Beach lawsuit loans to personal injury plaintiffs. Our underwriters dealing with Long Beach lawsuit loan requests frequently because Uplift’s headquarters is minutes away in Torrance, CA.

It is crucial to have an underwriter who is familiar with the specific location where your accident took place. Not all states have the same rules and regulations when it comes to filing a claim.

Experience with local personal injury dynamics means lower rates and higher approval amounts on lawsuit loans.

Long Beach Lawsuits

During the fiscal year 2013-2014, Los Angeles County saw over 250,000 civil lawsuits filed. That means about one in 20 people filed a lawsuit during that fiscal year.

With so many individuals filing lawsuits, it is statistically accurate to assume that many are not financially well off. Personal injury cases add to the financial strain because many plaintiffs find themselves out of work due to their injuries. On top of these lost wages, a plaintiff’s medical expenses can take a financial toll as well. The financial burden many plaintiffs face happens all too often.

Long Beach Car Accidents

According to a 2016 Department of Motor Vehicles report, there were over 6,000,000 cars registered in Los Angeles County. That is almost one car per person. Serious car accidents that result in injury or fatality naturally result from congested roadways.

The California Office of Traffic Safety reported that in 2014, 2,281 people died or were injured in auto accidents in Long Beach.

Some of the top causes of these serious car accidents in Long Beach are the following:

  • 230 of these car accident cases involved alcohol. In 2014, police made a whopping 1,346 DUI arrests.
  • 123 of these car accident cases involved motorcycles.
  • 211 of these car accident cases involved pedestrians.
  • 211 of these car accident cases involved bicyclists.
  • There were 409 speed related collisions that resulted in injury or fatality.
  • Accidents caused by night driving accounted for 244 of these car accident cases.
  • Hit and run accidents accounted for 141 of these car accident cases.

These statistics point out the disturbing commonality of serious car accidents. To avoid tragedy, it is important to practice safe driving. Unfortunately, you can still find yourself in a car accident with a negligent driver. If that is the case, file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation that will cover your damages. Unfortunately, insurance companies try to make the legal process long and expensive. That is where Uplift Legal Funding comes in.

Uplift Legal Funding

If you or a loved one is experiencing loss or injury as a result of a negligent party, seek compensation. Uplift Legal Funding provides lawsuit loans to help ease the financial strain until settlement arrives. Apply online or call us today at (800) 385-3660 to learn more.