Head-on Collisions

Head-on car crashes can be devastating. In a personal injury setting, these can often be the most rewarding but tough types of cases.

Unlike a rear-end accident, head-on collisions can involve unclear liability. Often, traffic accident reports on head-on collisions do not assign fault.

The reason head-on crashes are so serious is because they often involve high speeds. The force of impact is a result of two cars travelling in different directions.

Thankfully, head-on crashes only account for 2% of all crashes. Despite this, because of the forces involved, they cause 10% of fatal crashes.

Causes of head-on collisions

Head-on crashes can be caused by a wide variety of factors.

  • Wrong-way entry – sometimes a driver will accidentally enter a roadway in the opposite direction of traffic.
  • Faulty or unused headlights – in most older cars and some newer cars headlights are manual. Failure to turn on your headlights can make you nearly invisible in some conditions.
  • Drowsy or drunk driving – unfortunately, a large amount of head-on collisions are due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel and drifting into oncoming traffic
  • Inattention or distraction – with increased cell phone use, a larger number of head-on collisions are due to texting or talking and driving
  • Severe weather conditions – in certain weather conditions, roads can become unsafe and dividing lines obscured

Head-on collision avoidance

Thankfully, given the severity of head-on collisions, signage, bumps, dividing walls, and center medians are now popular preventative measures.

It’s important however to remain vigilant on the road, keep your headlights on at all times, and report anyone driving unsafely.

Try not to use cell phones when driving, and do your best to avoid any other distractions. Maintain following distance and slow down if road or weather worsens.

Lawsuit Loans and Head-on Car Crashes

Because of the likely damages resulting from head-on crashes, it is more likely that funding companies will focus on liability and coverage.

A traffic accident report or accepted liability can be extremely helpful in these cases.

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